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    Originally posted by a4eaudio View Post
    what are people looking for when choosing a design/kit, which I don't assume to have the answer . Are people looking broadly for...
    I often get commentary like this in my profession. My response is usually....your a people too. Imagine you want to build a kit...what would you be looking for??


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      Next update was made.
      Some more designs were added.
      Column for designer was added.
      Column linking to design was added but links not working until I can add some more html coding.

      I think it's getting closer. I may try to shrink the text. I dont like having to scroll side to side.

      If I can rapid learn some more html, the links can be embedded in the second column with the name of design as the button/link.

      In meantime I'm still grateful for any input. I've identified a few dozen more designs to add, plus a separate table of unpublished designs that are obtainable by purchase only.


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        To insert a link with its own title use:
        <a href="">Classix II</a>


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          This will possibly be the final format for now. Links are working within each design name. On desktop or tablet it should be viewable without needing any side to side scrolling. Thank you to those that gave input. Keeping this format for now, I'll keep adding additional designs to the table. I realize there will possibly be some errors. I'm balancing efforts between adding additional designs and going back to double-check existing data. Thank you for your understanding.
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          The holy grail of audio, in my mind, is louder (less distortion for given SPL or more SPL for a given distortion level, or excursion or thermal limited SPL or other criteria) lighter (smaller and/or lighter cabinets) and cheaper (lower BOM/easier to build etc),

          perhaps that sorting criteria would being helpful.


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            Thank you for the suggestion. I was recording spl as I started collecting data but enough of the plans did not contain that data that it would be inconsistently available. Secondly I'm having to prioritize columns to try to keep the table usable. Currently on desktop or tablet, the full width should show on one page and not require any left to right scrolling. When I did have additional columns, the left right scrolling on desktop made it very cumbersome.

            At this point I'm still adding additional kits a few times each week. For me the value that I'm trying to offer is simply locating the kits in one place. The threads of links that exist on every forum are useful but at some point it becomes 10 pages of comments and the original poster stops updating the original post, and links still require much more manual sorting, since no details are given. While spl is of value to me, I still think that most baseline searches are related to size or form factor, and cost.

            Based upon your feedback I won't give up on collecting spl on the newly added kits, but if only half of them post a valid spl measurement I may not turn that column on at this point to be viewable.


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              Wayne Jaeschke designed the DIII.
              Still seems you are linking kits only.
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