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OT: Auditioned a new woofer earlier today

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  • OT: Auditioned a new woofer earlier today

    Oh boy, I'm in deep trouble now. My mom got a call from an old friend with a problem. A dog problem to be exact. As an aside, there are just some voice mails I should never be the first one to hear. The message my mother had me check for her was a doozie today.

    Seems that this old friend has a seven month old black Labrador who is guilty of one thing, being a Labrador Retriever. He's a chewer and has destroyed one very nice wicker lawn chair and a few other little things. She has an 8 year old daughter who absolutely loves the dog but he's so rambunctious that neither her or her mother can really control his impulses. It's sad but this is what happens when someone isn't really prepared for what living with a young and energetic Lab can do. In short he's gotten away with a lot of not terrible but really undesirable behaviour. Julie, the mother and friend of my mom, is at the end of her rope. She's a smart, rational and beautiful person (and recently single, wink wink) but she admits that she just doesn't have the skills, time and resources to really dedicate to this wonderful dog.

    Now where the story gets really funny is that she works with the woman who gave me my Shady Boy, the best black Lab in the universe. Let's just say that these two people got to talking about the Labrador problem and my name came up. Wonder how that happened? They were talking about how I had just lost ole Beauregard and they thought of me right off the bat. Granted I have a deep-seeded affinity for retrievers and I know how to train them into being great family pets. My Golden Retriever was a turn-key dog who needed no training at all, just some refinement of her obedience skills. My Labs on the other hand were a couple of wild and crazy guys. It takes some patience to deal with a couple of ADHD Labs but they are generally so smart that they learn lessons quickly and with constant work during their first couple years of life they really turn into some great companions.

    So we went over to their house. Julie and her really cute and sad daughter (little girls crying breaks me down like nothing else) were waiting for us in the front yard. We go around to the back and.... oh yeah, I was in some deep sh!+. Not literally but in my mind I was done for. Here stood the carbon copy of Shady. Beautiful as they come and super happy to see us. Not a bark out of him the whole time we were there. I leaned over the fence and was greeted by this totally wonderful gentleman by the name of Diesel. Yup, I even like the name.

    I ran him through some little tests and while he obviously has the ADHD thing going on, he did respond to simple commands rather well. We did some retrieving of toys and he's a natural for sure. Played a bit of tug-of-war with some rope too before he laid under the table at my feet (my dog already, huh?) and was rather calm. Julie was kind of blown away at how well he responded to me. After chatting for half an hour while I watched how Diesel behaved we came up with a plan. Come Monday morning, Julie is going to call her vet to set up Diesel's neutering. She volunteered to do this at her cost because she really wants me to take him on and give him all of what he needs. Once he recovers from the surgery we are going to arrange a meeting at a local park to have a meet and greet for Shady and Diesel to see how they respond to one another. Seeing how Shade has always been the alpha male it's a bit of a task to introduce a young male into his home so this meeting on neutral territory is crucial. If things don't go well then we are going to contact a Lab rescue organization to see what they can do to help.

    Now here I am hoping that the two guys can have a peaceful co-existence because I really think I can do a lot of good for Diesel. He needs a home that will be secure for his lifetime and, well, he's just so darn handsome that I would love to have him in my pack. I'm not worried much about Gizmo taking to him. It will be good for her to have a young and playful friend around to terrorize. She wants to play and rough-house with Shady but given that he's 12 years old he just doesn't always want to deal with her shenanigans. It's a real concern that Diesel will be too much for Shade to tolerate but I figure once I get some obedience and training into the lad he'll be a great Labrador.

    Julie's daughter doesn't want to see him go but Diesel is a big puppy and can knock her down with his affection. What they really need is a smaller adult dog that is a bit more docile. Her father has an Australian Shepherd at his house but she spends most of her time with her mom so I can see how the little lady could be so sad. It breaks my heart, lemme tell ya, because Diesel is really a sensitive dog and he knows that she is sad but at the same time he just has an overly exuberant way of showing her that he loves her.

    So yeah, I've got a dilemma here. I've got the time and space for another Lab in my life yet I have to be really careful about upsetting the balance at home.

    [soapbox]For anyone considering a Lab as a family pet, please understand that they are a LOT of work to turn into the perfect companion. I'm a staunch advocate of people doing their homework before getting a dog but I'm a bit more, let's say outspoken, when it comes to people adopting "my" breed. If all goes well this will be the third Lab (and fifth retriever in general) I will have rescued due to people not being prepared for the undertaking. Too many Labs (and other breeds) are euthanized because their humans don't take the time to really understand what a job it is to properly socialize and train a dog properly. Maybe I'm a bit over-the-top when it comes to this but I believe that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Any dog can be a monster or an angel. I've played with countless Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Chow Chows and German Shepherds who are absolutely the polar opposite of being vicious. In the same breath I've been snapped at by enough Yorkies, chihuahuas and poodles to fill a dump truck. My Beau Beau even snapped at me when I first saw him but that was a pure stress reaction so I let that slide. How would you feel if you just woke up and your harbls were gone and there was some large, strange guy trying to talk to you? Yeah, I know I would have tried to hurt the guy too if I were in Beau's position. There are too many great dogs in shelters right now that don't deserve to be and I don't want Diesel to be just another statistic.[/soapbox]

    Sorry for the long-azz post. I just needed to get this out of me and I wanted to share the story with some friends. Wish me/us luck!

    My favorite woofer is a Labrador retriever.

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    Re: OT: Auditioned a new woofer earlier today

    Hi Shawn,

    I'm with you and Shady Boy and Gizmo and Diesel all the way. We have two rescues here - a lab/greyhound cross and a cocker - lost my old boy lab last summer, and a cocker then too. These followed a dalmation, another cocker, a standard poodle.... and my son now has two black labs at his house.

    All are rescues. If we had more space we'd have more rescues. Love the labs.

    Keep us posted.



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      Re: OT: Auditioned a new woofer earlier today

      Good for you and good luck to you, Diesel and your other dogs, Shawn. I love dogs but being in a condo, makes it difficult, so we have cats. And when we want a new cat, we go the rescue/adoption route.


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        Re: OT: Auditioned a new woofer earlier today

        I've been involved with dog rescue for about 5 years. My wife and I have fostered 10 dogs with many others that have passed through our hands in transit. Shawn, you're words are exactly what warms my heart to read. I have no worries about you taking on Diesel. He's a lucky dog to have found you.

        Now, you just need to make arrangements with the mother for the daughter's visiting rights, and you may have gotten more than one new friend in the deal.

        Good luck but I don't think you'll need it.
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        - John

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          Re: OT: Auditioned a new woofer earlier today

          I have lived with dogs since I was 5.

          I don't plan on stopping anytime soon -


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            Re: OT: Auditioned a new woofer earlier today

            shawn, good luck. hairbrained, well put.
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