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OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...

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  • OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...

    Yesterday I had to put down my wife's Shepherd/Chow companion, Bogart. He could no longer use his back legs. For 12 years, he guarded her and the house. I never worried when I was away, I knew Bogart would protect her with his life. He took on javelina in her defense, and ran off more than one suspicious character. He never marked in the house, wouldn't even crap on the concrete. Independent, assertive and intelligent. If I had to describe him in one word it would be dignity.

    When my wife made the decision, I called my vet (we've used them for 25 years) He agreed to come to our house, with a tech, and do it here. I didn't want Bogart's last moments to be filled with trauma, travel and strangers. The three of us carried him outside under the shade of his favorite mesquite tree. Even with no use of his hind legs, he did his best to help. I held his head during the process. He gently licked my hand as I watched him close those piercing golden eyes for the last time -- reassuring me that it was OK, and that he was ready. It made me feel a lot better to be with him in the end.

    I know there are a lot of pet owners out there, many with large dogs. Having the vet come out to the house was the best decision we made. They even took him away. The whole process took 20 minutes and minimized trauma to Bogart, to me & to my wife. Whatever it costs, I will do the same for my bloodhound.

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    Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...

    Lou, sorry to hear this. He must have been a wonderful companion.


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      Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...

      Sorry to hear your loss. They sure do give a lot of love, and it is tough to see them go. I don't look forward to the day when my buddy passes on.
      Just another hobbyiest.


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        Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...

        Sometimes, a graceful exit is the best gift you can give an old friend. It ain't easy, but it's right. -- Doug


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          Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...


          How fortunate for you to have a great friend like Bogart and a wonderful veterinary service.

          Today I received a letter from the University of Wisconsins Animal Medical Center. Apparently my veterinarian made a donation to UW-School of Veterinary Medicine in my wonderful Corky's name.

          You and your family are in my thoughts.


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            Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...

            I could have written the same story years ago with my old Airedale, same in every detail, except for the Javelina, biggest thing she ever got was a mouse.


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              Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...


              Reading this about Bogart brought a huge lump in my throat; it was just a few years ago that I had to lay to rest our Sandy. She was part of our family for 16 years, it was the hardest thing for me to do but it was the right thing to do.
              Healing takes time, may your memories of Bogart always be with you.



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                Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...

                I sympathize with your loss. That is a great vet to do this for you. My brother and his wife had to do this recently. They were able to have him cremated and the vet provided them with his ashes in a very nice urn.


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                  Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...


                  Saying good bye to your dog is a hard and sad event, but you will always have the memories of your friend and what he brought to your lives.

                  I know exactly how it feels to loose a friend like your dog, but Bogart is in the big dog run in the sky and he has a lot of friends there and they are having a blast, including a few former dog friends of mine.

                  My sympathy to you and your family.

                  Best regards,

                  Remember, the outside of every silver lining is a cloud.


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                    Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...

                    Sorry to hear that, Lou.
                    My deepest sympathies,
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                      Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...

                      He was a beautiful dog, Lou, and he sounded like a damn good friend.

                      As good as he may have had it with you, he's in a much better place now. Be happy for him.


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                        Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...

                        I am rapidly approaching the same thing. Our Bichon Frise grew up with me sons and did a lot of "baby sitting". We got her because that breed does not produce the dander that causes allergy to dogs. My oldest son is allergic to dogs, but not to Skittles. She has diabetes, cataracts, severe atheritis (sp?), and several tumors. Her groomer thinks we should put her to sleep now, but it is really a hard thing to do; especially as I am going through a divorce after 25 years of marriage. But that's a whole 'nother story.

                        My sympathies to you Lou!


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                          Thanks Guys I'm OK With It, Lessions were...

                          I appreciate the support. A lot of good folks here.
                          We've had a lot of pets (None better than Bogart) and a lot of regrets about their departures. We've spent thousands over the years fighting cancer, snake bites, cataracts, self poisoning ... etc. For once I feel we did everything right. Here's what we learned:
                          • Don't wait if there's no hope of improvement or quality of life. Bogart gave up because he couldn't do his job. He spent little time in real pain.
                          • Call around and see if you can DO IT AT HOME. My vet came out himself, but I was told they had a list several vet techs who would come to the house. Not having to deal with that trip was priceless.
                          • If you can, stay with your pet to the end. I know he understood and was OK with it. It's pretty peaceful.

                          If I lose my battle with the big C, I hope somebody will do the same for me.
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                          "Different" is objective, "better" is subjective. Taste is not a provable fact.
                          Where are you John Galt? I may not be worthy, but I'm ready.


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                            Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...

                            Lou - I have had a dog or dogs for 61 years of my life (67 now) and the following, to me, says it all.

                            A MAN AND HIS DOG

                            An old man and his dog were walking down this dirt road with fences on
                            both sides. Suddenly he realized that the dog walking beside him had
                            died years ago. The dog was no linger blind in one eye and the pain in
                            his hips, which had made walking difficult in his later years was not
                            there. The old man then realized that he to must have died in his sleep
                            and had been reunited with his best pal. He rationalized that if this was
                            what death was about, it was acceptable.

                            As they continued down the road they came to a gate in the fence and
                            looked in, it was nice grassy, woody areas, just what a 'huntin' dog
                            and a man would like, but, it had a sign saying 'no trespassing' so they
                            walked on. They came to a beautiful gate with a person in white robes
                            standing there. "Welcome to Heaven" he said. The old man was happy and started in with his dog following him. The gatekeeper stopped him.
                            "Dogs aren't allowed, I'm sorry but he can't come with you."

                            "What kind of Heaven won't allow dogs? If he can't come in, then I will
                            stay out with him. He's been my faithful companion all his life, I can't
                            desert him now."

                            "Suit yourself, but I have to warn you, the Devil's on this road and he'll
                            try to sweet talk you into his area, he'll promise you anything, but the
                            dog can't go there either. If you won't leave the dog, you'll spend
                            Eternity on this road."

                            So the old man and dog went on. They came to a rundown fence with a gap in it, no gate, just a hole. Another old man was inside. "S'cuse me Sir, my
                            dog and I are getting mighty tired, mind if we come in and sit in the
                            shade for awhile?"

                            "Of course, there's some cold water under that tree over there. Make
                            yourselves comfortable"

                            "You're sure my dog can come in? The man down the road said dogs weren't allowed anywhere."

                            "Would you come in if you had to leave the dog?"

                            "No sir, that's why I didn't go to Heaven, he said the dog couldn't come
                            in. We'll be spending Eternity on this road, and a glass of cold water and
                            some shade would be mighty fine right about now. But, I won't come in if
                            my buddy here can't come too, and that's final."

                            The man smiled a big smile and said "Welcome to Heaven."

                            "You mean this is Heaven? Dogs ARE allowed? How come that fellow down the road said they weren't?"

                            "That was the Devil and he gets all the people who are willing to give up
                            a life long companion for a comfortable place to stay. They soon find out
                            their mistake, but then it's too late. The dogs come here, the fickle
                            people stay there. GOD wouldn't allow dogs to be banned from Heaven. After all, HE created them to be man's companions in life, why would he separate them in death?"

                            Author Unknown (with a few lines I added in the beginning to have it read as it had been emailed to me months ago)

                            In honor of PADDY, my Somoyed, who trusted me with his graceful end of life decision as did Bogart. May they both enjoy a peaceful romp in that big meadow in the sky.

                            "In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." - Edward Hoagland


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                              Re: OT: Lost a Friend, Learned a Lesson...

                              It's never easy to loose a pet/buddy/family member. You will have fond memories to cherish for the rest of your lives. You have my condolences.