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OT: But I got some great news Saturday

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  • OT: But I got some great news Saturday

    As some around here might know already, I lost my job due to a plant closure back in July. In the past few months I've been doing some freelance work and living off severance pay. Well the severance ran out at the beginning of the month and the freelancing is a bit slow so I was faced with the reality of my situation: either find a "real" job or live off the dole for a bit or do what I could to go back to school. Well something better happened.

    The company I worked for didn't believe our jobs were lost to foreign countries and therefore we weren't to be considered for the Trade Adjustment Assistance program. This is funny to me seeing how the company has plants all over the globe and we knew long ago that much of the work we were bleeding was going to the plant in Mexico along with some work from other plants here in the States. Needless to say, this ruffled more than a few feathers. So some eager (and much more P-O'ed than I) co-workers took up the cause and started bending a few ears with the U.S. Department of Labor. This brings me to the letter I received in the mail on Saturday.

    It seems that the Labor Department did some digging around for themselves and decided that yes indeed we did lose our jobs to other countries thereby granting us access to some rather lucrative assistance. The part that affects me the greatest is the assistance in going back to school. It looks like I'm eligible for 126 weeks of training according to the letter. In effect I'll be getting my continued education paid for and I'll be getting paid while I do it. I would be nuts to pass this up. The assistance includes tuition, books and tools (hey, a MacBook Pro is a nice tool for a graphic artist student on the go). I have a workshop to attend in a couple of weeks to get the skinny on everything TAA-related and have a few important questions answered.

    So at the age of 38 I'll be back in school. Not quite sure what I'm going to be when I grow up yet but the short list includes getting my degree in Computer Graphics (been doing it for 17 years so I might as well), finish my engineering degree (boy has that knowledge grown a lot of rust) or try out something else I've wanted to do like writing for a living. Hopefully I'll be enrolled in the spring semester. I want to get going on this ASAP and I have a lot of work to do before that time arrives.

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    Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

    Fantastic news Shawn! What a stroke of good fortune. I am very happy for you. I especially appreciated your resistance to"living off the dole". Luck favors the prepared; I'm sure you're quite ready to learn some new skillsets. Congrats and keep us posted on your decision.


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      Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

      Great news!

      If you knew what you wanted to be when you grow up, you'd be grown up. In the modern world, we pass through several careers.



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        Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

        I'm very glad to hear that you've got some luck rolling now. Pretty soon you won't have time to make speakers. :eek:

        On the other hand, if you really started over and went back to live om campus at school, you would probably be the most popular guy with the speakers you could bring to the parties.;)
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          Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

          That's good news Shawn, congratulations.

          Have no fear, going back to school isn't that hard. In fact, I am more disciplined and have a much better work ethic, and am more organized now at age 38 than I was when I finished College -- Part I at the age of 21.

          Many of us did college right out of high school because we kind of had to, or thought it was the smart thing to do... but now you have a mission and a goal, and you can focus your energy much better. You will be there because you want to, and it will be for the betterment of your career. Wahoooo!

          Go Get 'Em.

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            Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

            That's super good news and I hope you find something that really gets your juices going.


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              Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

              That's great news! And at least at this point in your life you've had a chance to get a slightly better idea of "who you want to be when you grow up" (or at least you should know what you don't want to do). It was nice to hear that the government assistance followed the lines of the old proverb about teaching somebody how to fish rather than just giving them a fish especially because it gives people a chance to possibly go in a different direction with their career towards something that they may not have had the chance to before or didn't realize that they wanted to choose that career at an earlier stage in life.

              Now that you're all excited, don't forget that there is studying, homework and tests involved with school... but if the subjects are interesting to you then it is so much easier to learn!
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                Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

                great news shawn. at 35 and currently unemployed, also auto related, i was thinking about more/finishing school. what a great oppurtunity. glad to see the labor board stepped up and stepped in.
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                  Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

                  very excitng indeed! beats driving a truck.:D
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                    Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

                    Come on over to Lafayette and get an Associates' in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue. We'd hang out.
                    Best Regards,

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                        Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

                        Hehe, I failed out of college hard core back in my 20's (majored in partying)... Went back in my late 30's and was on the Dean's List. I've still got 2 years left and I'm 40 now, want to go back soon as I can afford it...
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                          Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

                          Well, I guess Congrats are in order!
                          It's nice that this came your way, as it sounds like it really does fit your current situation.
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                            Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

                            Congratulations! So many folks here and I are very happy for you. Make the most of this opportunity.


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                              Re: OT: But I got some great news Saturday

                              Great news, my friend! I know you'll do well, whichever of the three divergent paths you choose.


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