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Cerberus with Foster WF-100K amplifier?

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  • Cerberus with Foster WF-100K amplifier?

    Thanks to charlielaub, I became aware of the Foster WF-100K subwoofer plate amplifier being sold at the jhidley site for $35. Having been previously impressed by Roman Bednarek's Cerberus project using the Tang Band W6-1139SI 6-1/2" Subwoofer, I was looking for some advice as to whether or not this amp would be suitable for the Cerberus project.

    If not, are there other bargain driver/box configurations that might leverage that amp to good effect?

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Cerberus with Foster WF-100K amplifier?

    That amp would probably be fine -- as long as you don't try to run it up to max output. There are a lot of alignments that will extend the bottom end of that TB, the problem is port length. For my Man Cave integrated sub I went with 14 liters, but needed three 1" X 11" vents. Now if you can live with a long skinny box, lot's of possibilities arise...
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      Re: Cerberus with Foster WF-100K amplifier?

      That's a wonderfully creative build, Lou. Thank you very much for the reply.