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on Sale - $55/pr (drivers & XO)

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  • Originally posted by Gracias View Post
    Re: on Sale - $55/pr (drivers & XO)

    Chris- I have to delurk just long enough to also thank you for this great design. I have built two variations of your nano neo design and both sound way better than the parts price would indicate. I found that it is a lot easier to stray a little from the usual enclosure shape and materials if I don't have an arm and a leg invested in expensive drivers. I can also gift these to friends and family on my limited budget. I have had hours of fun building and listening to your design, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    @ Chris.... post #629 by Gracias... By rear mounting, I meant like how he has mounted the ND105 on the white baffle.


    • BTW... my question is whether the ND105 will make a difference rear mounted and not rear firing.


      • Yeah ! (forehead slap) I see that now.
        It would affect phase, but w/out doing a sim, it might not make a huge difference. That would be the issue more-so than a "waveguide" effect.


        • Thanks Chris. I got a comment of yours from another thread where you mentioned that rear mount on a baffle effects the mids and highs and that its a real PITA to manage it in the XO.

          Anyways, I did a bit more reading and have found that rear mounting does have an effect on diffraction due to baffle effects.

          I am linking a recent YouTube video which highlights the effects of a chamfer/roundover on a tweeter. Notice the effect on the graphs from 2KHz onwards.


          • I have seen a few Nano Neos built with the ND105 being rear mounted behind the baffle (PWR RYD, Gracias). In some cases, even the ND20FA is rear mounted.

            Since the crossover point is around 3KHz, there might be some rise in the mids around 1.5KHz to 3Khz and beyond.

            in the absence of measurement equipments, it might then be a bad idea to rear mount when the original design calls for a flush mount or front mount.


            • Yes, but...
              (aside from phase issues) rear mounting the tweeter (which has greater dispersion) will have a greater effect on its FR than rear mounting the woofer (only).


              • Originally posted by bsl100 View Post
                I have seen a few Nano Neos built with the ND105 being rear mounted behind the baffle (PWR RYD, Gracias).

                I have designed and built two different speaker projects with the ND105, both rear mounted. I have never built a pair of Nano Neos. I have heard them though


                • @ Craig.... Sorry. My bad. I just saw that post. It was the "Maddies" that were built by you. You had posted about baffle diffraction effects due to rear mounting the ND105-4 and the tweeter. You have mentioned that by rear mounting the tweeter you got a bit of a bump in the 2.5k to 4khz range.

                  I was researching about rear mounting the ND105 and I was concerned about the bump in that region as I was crossing it around 3khz. I have no measuring equipment and didnt know how to factor that in my crossover modelling in XSim.


                  • So, I decided to do my own listening tests. I earlier had the ND105-8 woofers rear mounted and crossed over to the ND20FB-4 at 2.8khz. The baffle and cabinet is 1/2" thick MDF. The tweeteris anyways a rear mounted design with it being flush with the baffle after installation.

                    Today, I mounted the ND105-8 on the front of the baffle and gave it a listen. The mids, particularly voices became slighty more open and cleaner. Off axis response was slightly better.