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Hum on Dayton plate amplifier

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  • Hum on Dayton plate amplifier

    Thanks for checking out my post. I have a Dayton plate amplifier, and have had it for a couple years. It has worked great, until recently it has started to have a "hum" which affects every speaker in my system, not my subwoofer alone. I have read the owner's manual, and it says to place all components on the same outlet, which they currently are. The other thing it says is put in a "line-level audio isolator/transformer". I have done some research on these, but have not had any success. I do not know what this is or where I can find one. I would love any other suggestions on how to fix this, or where I can find a "line-level audio isolator/transformer". Thank you so much, have a great day.

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    Re: Hum on Dayton plate amplifier

    They're talking about something like this.

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      Re: Hum on Dayton plate amplifier

      Have you connected an FM or TV antenna lately?

      I had a hum coming through my new preamp whenever my FM antenna was connected to the preamp or a separate TV antenna was connected to my TV which was connected to the preamp via optical cable for audio, and HDMI for signal from the preamp to the TV. Even with the TV off, the hum would be audible in all channels, listening to other audio sources, but especially the sub.

      One of these transformers in each antenna cable connection at the wall killed the hum

      The hum can come from cable boxes, too. Try disconnecting antennas and cable boxes one at a time until all are disconnected to see if that stops the hum.

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        Re: Hum on Dayton plate amplifier

        Do you know the PE part number? The older 300-794 amps used to develop a hum after time. I have two of them and they both developed a hum after about a year. I have some partial info for you to go on and if you contact PE support they might be able to provide exact component values.

        Zener Diode ZD1 dies and shorts causing rail voltage to be sent to the inputs. This results in a hum and poor gain. Resister R3 is too small of watt rating and eventually overheats and burns out. Replacing ZD1 and R3 with a 1/4watt rating solved the problem on both my amps.