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After a week of thought- My Iowa thoughts...

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    Re: After a week of thought- My Iowa thoughts...

    I have a tough time with the Cantilena vs. Sonatello debate.

    Regarding the Cantilena - the Scanspeak woofer was maybe the best I have ever heard - but I thought that the MDM-55 was just slightly too laid back. It disappeared and blended in to the point that one couldn't really hear its character. To me, the great thing about Maynard's Tsu-Jan was the voicing of the mids. The MDM-55 was brought forward just enough to hear it's sweetness, but not so much as to introduce shoutiness.

    On to the Sonatello - I was sitting close to Wolf when he picked up on something with the brass. My first thought was that I was enjoying just the right amount of "bite". The brass didn't quite come forward in the mix like it usually does, so I guess that might be the flatness that he heard. I liked how the Sonatello was voiced overall but the SB woofer is not in the same league as the aluminum Scan IMHO.

    I'll have more on the rest of the entries later - but I guess my vote will go to the Sonatello.
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      Re: Sonatellos or canTiLenas...

      No, Todd, I didn't intend for this trend to develop or to hijack Wolf's thread, but it is interesting and somewhat amusing. I do appreciate people chiming in with their opinions and suggestions. There's no doubt the SS woofer in the canTiLenas is better than the SB woofer in the Sonatallos but unless one plays them both very loud, louder than I normally do, you really can't hear the difference. The SS woofer has a much larger Xmax and, due to different types of midrange drivers used in the two designs, the SS woofer covers an octave higher into the midrange. The modeled F3s are the same; however, the canTiLena is an ML-TL and the Sonatello is a tapered TL, thus, the shapes of the two response curves are different below the knee in the curves. There is one distinct advantage to the canTiLenas, all other comparisons set aside. Since moving to this house in 2003 and setting up my main audio system in the living room, the speakers sit on opposite ends of the fireplace hearth with their backs close to the fireplace wall (a corner fireplace). All of the speakers since designed have had only 3 dB of BSC included, which is enough to allow their bass response to be good both here and at DIY events, not either lacking or boomy and not affected much my placement. The Sonatellos were designed to not need any BSC by having the woofer mounted low on the baffle, using the floor boundary for bass reinforcement. On some CDs, depending on the recording and musical content, the Sonatello's bass is too much of a good thing, and I have to move them forward about 18" from the wall, making it a nuisance due to their size and weight. The canTiLenas sound the same wherever they're placed fore and aft. So, I really haven't made a final decision because it's a difficult one to make. Both designs have pros and cons but I can't continue to have both in the room.:(