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  • DCM Time Window 1a Speakers

    Lost a perfect pair in a divorce (can you believe it?) 20 years ago. I would like to build something as close to the 1as that I can, using SonoTube, MDF, and a lot of advice. I've never found anything I like the sound of as well, and I'd like to come as close as I can to getting that sound again (though my 62-year-old ears probably can't tell the difference anymore.

    Does anyone know the design specs, both mechanical and electrical, of these late, great speakers? I know the basic overall dimensions, and what brand drivers were used (2 Philips dome tweeters and 2 Philips 6 1/2 inch woofers w/rubber surrounds in a transmission line configuration), though not sure what model Philips drivers or what alternative modern drivers would be suitable. In fact, I'll be right up front and admit I don't really know what a transmission line speaker configuration would be. All I know is I there was a 6-1/2 driver and a small dome tweeter on each angled face, and I loved the sound.

    I'm a retired experimental machinist and NASA-certified electronics solderer, so I have the necessary building skills, but I know zip about speaker or crossover design.

    Any and all help appreciated!


    Bart Brown


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    Re: DCM Time Window 1a Speakers

    I grew up with these speakers in the house so I know the sound. They are good speakers that beat out many newer more expensive speakers I've heard however I would say it wouldn't particularly hard to exceed their performance with DIY designs. My TriTrix MT for example actually sound fairly similar, but I would give them the edge in most regards aside from output (for obvious reasons), but a better top end response and a bit better at resolving details.

    And personally I haven't heard anything in particular I would attribute to the dual angled baffles but if you wanted to try to replicate the design philosophy with newer drivers it would be a pretty interesting project. Just be prepared to do a ton a research and an equal amount of trail and error.