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PE to the rescue!! Thank you.

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    Re: PE to the rescue!! Thank you.

    Originally posted by cny View Post
    Actually I thought about that. I have a pretty good idea of which neighbor did it. I saw him smoking outside so I asked him if " he seen the Fedex man" on Saturday by chance. He said he did see him but the guy just left a note.
    That's impossible b/c the note was already hanging with my signature on the door. So after this conversation, I am 99% sure it was him but not having the actual evidence, I can't prove it, and makes it that much worse because I know it was him but, can't do anything legally to prove it. I wanted to pounce of the guy like a tiger but, that'll just get me in trouble. From what I hear from my other neighbors, the guy just got out prison not too long ago so it kind of makes sense. I am looking to move from this place but I am reporting it to the managment and the police anyway to warn others who live in this community. Again, if it wasn't for PE , I would be much worst off.
    Tell the landlord that your moving because your stuff is disappearing.