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  • Check, check. 1,2,3....

    Is this thing on?

    Uh, Hi. My name is Shawn and I just wanted to say....well, uh.... Hi.

    I've been gone way too long and with InDIYana coming up this month :eek: I figured I should let y'all know that I am indeed still among the living. Between an exhausting workload at the office and having the sh!+ scared out of me by my mom's recent health issues I've been a little scarce in the social circuits. Been missing ya guys and I can't wait to see a bunch of yous in a few weeks.

    Hard telling if I'll have anything to bring but I'm working on a couple of projects that have been laying around for far too long that need to see the light of day. That is when I'm not commuting, playing with my dogs as much as I can and taking care of a lot of other stuff I usually didn't have to worry about. I really need a day to have about 37 hours in order for me to do everything I would like to accomplish but that ain't happening.

    I would say I hope things quiet down for me a little but that ain't gonna happen either judging from what my calendar looks like for the next few months. I'll be around though. Need to get back to having some fun again and make some more speakers.

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    Re: Check, check. 1,2,3....

    Shaaawn! Wecome back. I hope your Mom's health issues are resolved. Good to hear from you and hope to see you in Ft. Wayne.


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      Re: Check, check. 1,2,3....

      Welcome back Shawn!

      So what's new... hmmm...

      Well, a few more people banned (AE, DS-21, maybe a couple others) and the OT Nazi (whoever he is, no way of knowing) is finding it necessary to tag any thread even remotely OT with a 1-star rating. I imagine this thread will get it. It's a new kind of pathetic wussy trolling. Annoying.

      Nice to have you back.
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        Re: Check, check. 1,2,3....

        well your off to an early start. look forward to seing your work. its always good.
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          Re: Check, check. 1,2,3....

          Hey, Shawn!

          I was hoping (again) to be there, but no go.:( Gonna have to wait another year to meet you.

          Sorry about your Mom, hope she's doing better...

          You go your way, I'll go mine. I don't care if we get there on time.

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            Re: Check, check. 1,2,3....

            Hey Shawn, glad you thought of us with all the other stuff going on in your life. I hope you are well, and that through it all you remain... you
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              Re: Check, check. 1,2,3....

              How are those big monkey Coffins coming? I'm still enjoying my Triska Sub.
              18hz is scary.


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                Re: Check, check. 1,2,3....

                Hi Shawn, I was wondering about you lately. Just want you to know that on several occasions I've rooted for your Celtics, like when they've played the Spurs and Mavericks, so it helps out the Lakers, and also when they played the Heat because of the way Lebron exited the Cavs.