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  • A Big Thanks To. . . .

    This is my second to last post.
    I sent PMs requesting email addresses to several of you.

    First of all, a big thanks to my buddy Mark65Stinkycharlielaub for arranging and hosting most of our NorCal DIY get togethers.
    Sorry Charlie, StarKist wants tuna that tastes good, not tuna with good taste.

    Thanks to Face for that cool pic of Mr. Jack in the Box sitting court side at the Staples Center enjoying a LAKERS game. I absolutely loved it.

    Thanks to Ludo for being a really mellow person and an excellent DIYer.

    Thanks to johnnyrichards for his succinct observations and undeservedly kind comments.

    jclin4WolfPaul K.Pete SchumacherMSaturnbenchtester I finally met you at our last DIY. To Rene, keeping it cool up there in Canada. Andy G having a gday in Australia.

    jcandyJeff B. for his absolutely solid contributions to the DIY loudspeaker building community. And he does it all without being condescending.

    Did I miss anybody? Well if I did, sorry about that.

    Adios Muchachos.

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    Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .


    What's the last post...
    audioheuristics isn't around right now...


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      Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .

      Originally posted by markk View Post

      What's the last post...
      I hope it's not the one that gets a perma-ban . . . :(

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        Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .

        I'm sure it was just an honest mistake/lapse in memory that I didn't make it.

        Oh well, maybe I'll meet him at a NorCal DIY event.


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          Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .

          Remember Alan, I'm the guy who remembers and appreciates the giant stack of magnets. ;)

          Thanks for the nice words.
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            Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .

            It's your first day back, why only one more post?


            Goofing around since 2000.


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              Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .

              Hi All,

              This site is now the premium site to visit as far as DIY speakers is concern, preferable to DiyAudio which I believe is declining.

              I also like to thank to those you(AE) mentioned in your post. They are very helpful indeed.



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                Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .

                dont go! you're two munch fon.
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                Quote Originally Posted by hongrn. Oct 2014
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                  Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .

                  Wait- What??

                  Back and then gone?

                  Oh and Alan- yes it is:

                  "Wolf, you shall now be known as "King of the Zip ties." -Pete00t
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                    Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .


                    I sure hope you'll consider sticking around these parts for more than a couple of posts. I, for one, have missed your presence, contributions and even your sense of humor.

                    Don't be a stranger,



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                      Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .

                      Alan, I appreciate what you said, and you're welcome. I truly wish that you'd reconsider, and stay here with the rest of us lunatics.;)

                      If not, you have my email, keep me posted on what you're up to, ok?

                      Take care, my friend.

                      You go your way, I'll go mine. I don't care if we get there on time.

                      ~Pink Floyd


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                        Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .

                        Alan, I wish you the best. You have my email, and following the link in my sig will get you to my Facebook eventually.
                        Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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                          Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .

                          I thought of some choice things to reply with, but after second (and third, and fourth) thoughts, decided they would be better left unsaid.


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                            Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .

                            99% of human beings agree I am fun to drink with. Awesome.

                            Always enjoyed arguing, AE. Happy trails.

                            Interesting how these places ebb and flow. I know I haven't been around much (too much 'real life'.)
                            I am trolling you.


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                              Re: A Big Thanks To. . . .

                              I miss ya around speakchat! Come on man, hang out for a while. This place is like the 40 people I oversee.... Working together has its ups, downs, frustrations, and challanges, but I would go out and have a drink with any of them.

                              Best of luck with everything.