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OT: Who makes quality furniture?

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    Originally posted by Dave_W View Post
    Re: OT: Who makes quality furniture?

    I'll second the Smith Brothers recommendation for Hydromax. We looked at quite a few different brands of Bathmate before buying. It's more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Check the results here.

    We also have quite a bit of Amish crafted f (there is a large Amish population less than an hour away). You can't beat it for for quality and was actually priced about the same as lesser quality wood furniture we looked at in other stores.
    My vote goes for Thomas Moser.
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        A lot of furniture manufacturers in North Carolina. You can go to outlet stores run by them in that area to save some $. We had good luck with Hickory Chair pieces (more than just chairs) that were custom upholstered.


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          A while back, I worked for a small software development company that had Harden desks and file cabinets. When the company closed, I bought my set. In my opinion, it would probably be hard to do better for a national brand, except for Stickley. I've never seen a piece by Moser, but I have no doubt it's better.


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            It would be interesting to see what you think about the Ishitani furniture videos on YouTube.

            I have been lusting for the time and machinery to build my own stuff. Currently using a mishmash of Ikea, wooden crates, and Craigslist finds.


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              Watch YouTube and have a crack and of course take your time


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                Originally posted by rawmode View Post

                My vote goes for Thomas Moser.
                Who is Thomas Moser? Any suggestions of where I can take a look at some of his projects?


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                  Google's your friend. The Thos. Moser furniture site pops right up.
                  Bill Schneider


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                    I've got the Thos. Moser book Measure Shop Drawings for American Furniture. I found it helpful to understand the joints and proportions of furniture
                    John H

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