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  • Chicago DIY 2011

    Yes, it's for real. Mark your calendars!

    Date: October 29, 2011
    Time: 9-5
    Place: Hyatt Regency Woodfield - Schaumburg

    Official Web Page:

    Please don't bomb my email address. If you're planning on attending, go ahead and post to this thread so we can create a head count. Oh, and feel free to post this to other message boards.

    Some more info on the event...

    I'd like to make this a "show and tell" event. I figure the usual 10ish minutes per speaker should be good. I will have a CD of 5-10 test tracks; not sure what those will be yet. You can opt to use some of the test tracks if you'd like, or bring your own.
    I know I'd talked about a "small speaker shootout" in the past. I still love this idea, but I'm a bit concerned about time for a "tourney" event. However I may make a sort of "silent ballot" for a small speaker event if enough people want to try it. ("small speaker" <= 5.5 Liters)
    I might also like to do an "honorable mention" ballot too, like I did in Iowa last year. Fun categories like, "Best WAF," "Worst WAF," "Best Woodworking," etc.

    Playback Equipment
    cjd from HTGuide has volunteered to bring a nice array of gear.

    Meeting Space
    This hotel has a few different ballrooms, some more extravagant than others. I opted for the one with the 9-foot ceilings, as opposed to the one with 15-foot ceilings, because most of us don't have ceilings that tall in our homes. The meeting room is located near the parking lot, but there is a caveat: it is down a flight of stairs. Yes, there is an elevator, and yes you can bring things on wheels.

    Schaumburg Area
    Schaumburg is a sort of "meeting hub" in the northwest suburbs of Chicago--not as congested as downtown, and not as expensive as the O'Hare area. I thought it would make a great place for a DIY event because it is located directly off two major highways. It's roughly 15 or so miles from downtown Chicago. Close enough that one could go sightseeing in their free time, but far enough away that you won't have to battle city traffic. Schaumburg is also home to Woodfield Mall, which is an insane spread of shopping. (So your wife or family could tag along, and would have something to do while you geeked out on speakers all day)

    Dining and Hotels
    You are by no means obligated to stay at the Hyatt Regency. There are a bevy of hotels to choose from in the area. There's also plenty of places to eat; pretty much any kind of food you can think of. The franchise restaurants are closer to the mall, where the more unique and authentic eateries may be a mile or so drive. I have nothing definite planned for lunch on the day of the event.

    Door Prizes
    Like all the great events I've been to in the past, I plan to have door prizes pulled from a hat at the end of the event (winner needs to be present). I still need to contact some vendors, though.

    Swap Meet
    Got drivers or parts gathering dust? Bring them in! We will set up a table at the back of the room for people to sell/trade their stuff.
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    Re: Chicago DIY 2011

    Head Count

    Attending for Sure
    Tom Bond
    Marty H
    Craig (PWR RYD)
    Pete Schumaker
    Ram Jr
    Ed (D, Rose)
    Rory (taterworks)
    Brian (bkeane1259)
    George (moosespeaker)

    Mike Jennens
    Ryan (DoubleTap)
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    Isn't it about time we started answering rhetorical questions?

    Paul Carmody's DIY Audio Projects
    Twitter: @undefinition1


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      Re: Chicago DIY 2011

      Awesome Paul! Looking forward to it.
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        Re: Chicago DIY 2011

        I will try to make it with a pair of speakers which Wolf designed the cross overs and gave me a suggestion for the tweeter: Dynaudio Dexters.
        Thanks for putting this together Paul.
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          Re: Chicago DIY 2011

          I may be able to make it. My birthday is the day before, so I might be caught up that weekend, but if I come, I'll bring either my NS35/Nuance TMs, or better yet, the Sony buyout line array that's in progress.
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            Re: Chicago DIY 2011

            Three words:

            Count Me In!


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              Re: Chicago DIY 2011

              I'm definitely in!

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                Re: Chicago DIY 2011

                :( I would love to go, but it is too far away this year.
                Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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                  Re: Chicago DIY 2011

                  I'm in, too, and my wife may even come to this one! I will bring along whatever speakers I happen to still have.


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                    Re: Chicago DIY 2011

                    Ed and I will likely make it too. Should have a set of these to show. Maybe even a tower 3-way we'll be working on between now and then.

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                      Re: Chicago DIY 2011

                      I plan to attend. Nothing new to bring, but would like to explore what to build next with a few of the experts. Look forward to seeing and hearing everyone's efforts.

                      I wonder if Dennis Murphy will demo his Philharmonics?


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                        Re: Chicago DIY 2011

                        Is the Hyatt going to be offering a special reduced-price room rate for this event? If so, what's it going to be?


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                          Re: Chicago DIY 2011

                          Yeah I don't think I can afford to slip off to Chicago for a couple of days and its more than twice as far as Grinnell to me. So no Evilskillit this year, but as long as someone brings something made of unfinished MDF or birch I'll be with you in spirit. :(


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                            Re: Chicago DIY 2011

                            I doubt I'll finish (as in stain/paint/whatnot) the Ansonica, so it'll be raw birch. And there. Maybe something else too. Have a couple few projects in various stages of "progress" ...
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                              Re: Chicago DIY 2011

                              I might be able to make this my very first DIY event. Might even bring speakers I built conceived by JKim.
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