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DIY custom speakers go hollywood?

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  • mattp
    Re: DIY custom speakers go hollywood?

    I dont know about DIY but Chandler and Joey had some Martin Logans in their apartment for the longet time in Friends. I still havent figured out how THAT worked.

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  • Bart Oetken
    started a topic DIY custom speakers go hollywood?

    DIY custom speakers go hollywood?

    Lately Ive noticed that in major box office movies, there are getting to be more speakers in the scenes. I dont know if Im the only one that's noticed this. Ive noticed with Meet me at the greek has p diddy in it. HE has some speakers behind him there white and they are tappered on the sides of the enclosures.

    There are dozens or more movies that are showing off speakers in a scenes. And its like I loose thought of the scene of the movie and look at this awesome speakers in the back ground.

    Its good to see someone spicing up the scence with some of the latest builds

    Anyone notice this lately or is it just me?