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T3 12's for HT use?

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  • T3 12's for HT use?

    I had ordered a single TC epic 12, that is now backordered until June. Then I saw the T3 12's and the wheels started turning in my head. I could get 4 for the same price as 1 Epic. Would these be ok for HT use with each sub having 3 cu ft a piece tuned to 20hz? Assuming the X-max (16.5 mm) is correct, they should have roughly 6-9 db more output than a single Epic getting their rated power. I have all the room I need, so even a transmission line is doable in my basement HT.

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    Re: T3 12's for HT use?

    I take it you are talking about the T400-12D4? Xmax is overstated, it lists a 30mm voice coil length, so 16.5mm xmax is simply impossible. Somewhere 10-12mm is more realistic. I'd tune to 25Hz for that woofer.
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