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6"silverflute + RS28F

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  • 6"silverflute + RS28F

    Already have the drivers on hand and if I put a rush on it, these might end up as a 2nd rat rocker for InDIYana. Yeah, I'm being very ambisous. Wondering if anyone has frd/zma files on them. Looking at what is available from sources tells me a fairly simple lr2 at 1.8 should be good and 1.6 maybe possible. I know the 28f is going to need quite a bit of padding as the woof is the 8ohm version. Plans are to possibly later to use these in an MTM. Cabinet is going to be a little secrect for now, but def fits the rat rocker theme.:D

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    Re: 6"silverflute + RS28F

    Jeff B. posted frd & zma for the RS28F awhile back.
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      Re: 6"silverflute + RS28F

      Double check that his baffle size is comparable to yours or his FRD file will give slightly different results when simulated in PCD.

      P.S. - I've been thinking about using the RS28F for a while now. I love that low Fs!!! Let me know what you think of this tweeter after it's up and running. Thanks.

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        Re: 6"silverflute + RS28F

        I have a pair of SF 6" 8ohms sitting here. They're up next but might be a while. Was gonna do MTM but can measure a single if you'd like. Not sure when I'll have the chance. If you're patient.


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          Re: 6"silverflute + RS28F

          I have run it on an active set-up crossed at 1.5 and loved it! Very clean, and not fatiguing to my ear. Now the owner really wants to work a passive up on this one. I found files at RJB, but can't seem to figure out how to import them into the proper files to use in PCD.