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  • Post up your main system and details

    I am still working on my rack so I wont post yet, but it would be cool if we had a sticky thread that new comers could come and look at our systems to get a idea of what they may want. Hell its cool to compare and throw ideas back and forth, post em up lets see what you got :D

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    Re: Post up your main system and details

    Currently in the midst of a change, but here we are for now. RCVR/Pre: Onkyo 708, Amps: 2x Carver M-1.0t modded to MKII option 2, 2x Carver TFM-15 re-capped and blue LED's, and TFM-35 (on the bench now, re-capping, blue led's.. trying to track a short in the Left channel). All are powered up by a custom power sequencer. PS3 for blu-ray, dvd, and cd duty. Speakers are: Mains: 50 Watt head's Gila Monster MTM's, center: Jeff B's MTM, surrounds: tritrix MT, front wides: tritrix mtm sealed, sub: titanic 15" with o-audio 500W plate amp. The amps are all in place in anticipation of having my all active "Poor man's strads" up and running in the very near future. More measuring, testing, and so forth to do yet. Mini DSP 2x8 purchased.
    Click image for larger version

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      Re: Post up your main system and details

      Amps: vintage Sansui z7000 which replaces the Onkyo RC180. The RC180 HDMI board died on me. The RC180 had practically no low end compare to the Sansui Z7000, but it kicked *** on the high end though.
      Main: Natp
      Center: 4CC
      Currently building a 3way main.


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        Re: Post up your main system and details

        Any of about 12 pair of speakers can be mains...

        This is how the rack looks currently, but will likely change in the near future:

        Sony BDP-S550
        Pioneer FDP-100
        Crown XLS1500 Drivecore
        Anthem AVM-20

        The Technics gear is currently unconnected.

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          Re: Post up your main system and details

          Sony BDP-S580 as transport for BD/DVD and is also my Netflix source.

          Onkyo 809 handling all audio/video processing including SD content up-scaling. Also used occasionally for internet radio.

          Windows based PC acting as a music server and internet browser.

          Like Wolf, lots of different speakers to rotate in and out. At this moment, the MTM I am bringing to Iowa are acting as my "mains".

          Two subwoofers, one is a dual 8" unit and the other is a 10" sealed unit.

          Future upgrade paths (next year in all likelyhood) are external amplifiers for the LCR channels and a couple more subwoofers.
          Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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            Re: Post up your main system and details

            Music only.

            Source: PC stored FLAC files through Squeezebox
            DAC: Cambridge DacMagic
            Pre: Self-built Broskie Aikido 6N1P-7044
            Amp: 1973 Accuphase P300 - full recap. Haven't found better yet.
            Speaks: Usuually the Malbecs - OW1 over CA18RLY over 8955A - but sometime rotate others in.


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              Re: Post up your main system and details

              Here it is:

              Minimalist setup with maximum results:

              Speakers: DIY Statements
              Source: AMD Brazos Media PC with 96GB SSD and Wireless N
              Pre-Amp / Sound card: EMU 1212M
              Amp: Crown XLS 402D

              Who woulda thunkit 'Pro-Audio Junk' it :D


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                Re: Post up your main system and details

                Uploaded with

                I decided to go Alnico this morning, swapped the JBL's for some 70's unknown full alnico magnet 3 ways.
                Amplifier : Pioneer SA-5800
                Preamplifier : Mitsubishi DA-C20
                Sources : Pioneer PL-518 turn table, Teac PD-200 cd player, main computer for streaming everyday listening music.

                Once I sell my piano I will have room for a rack and a cleaner setup.


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                  Re: Post up your main system and details

                  Pics later
                  Ht system: pioneer vsx821k, lg dvd player acting as cd as well, xbox, speaks are my do most or karma for now. Working on a full ht idea

                  Music system: pioneer dvd transport, Sony dac, classes audio model 30 preamp, bringer 1500, various speaks, currently mark audio alpair10s


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                    Re: Post up your main system and details

                    Main L/R Imperial Russian Stouts. Center/Surrounds AVS123 X-sls MTM, Sub: Mirage 10 (being replaced by a pair of Vifa NE315W-04 subs and/or pair of Infinity 1260W)

                    Processor: Parasound 7100
                    Amp: Parasound 5250
                    Sub Amp: Crown XLS 1000

                    Source: Oppo BDP95 / Networked PC flacs through the Oppo / any of a dozen TTs: currently Thorens TD190
                    I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.
                    OS MTMs
                    Swope TM
                    Econowave and Audio Nirvana AN10 fullrange
                    Imperial Russian Stouts


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                      Re: Post up your main system and details

                      Mains: Ruination 2.5 way
                      Center: Guinness W/TM/W
                      Surrounds Levitation TM
                      Sub: Infinity PS12

                      Receiver Yamaha RX-V1900
                      LG BD670 blue ray player

                      Vizio XVT423SV 42" led

                      At some point I'll need to add an amp for movies since when using the HDMI to pass through video the receiver seems to lose a lot of it's grunt.

                      Click image for larger version

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ID:	1144612Click image for larger version

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                      Take it easy
                      "I like Brewski's threads, they always end up being hybrid beer/speaker threads based on the name of his newest creation." - Greywarden

                      Breakfast Stout - HiVi RT2 II/Aurasound NS6
                      Imperial Russian Stout - Vifa DX25/Fountek FW146/(2) Fountek FW168s - Built by Fastbike
                      Ruination 2.5 way - Vifa DX25/Fountek FW168
                      Levitation TM
                      - Vifa BC25SG15/Fountek FW168


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                        Re: Post up your main system and details

                        Forgot to add I have an older (~2008) Philips 47" LCD for a display.

                        Jay, you ever want to part out that PS12, I call dibs on the driver.
                        Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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                          Re: Post up your main system and details

                          Hmmm....Main....I'm kind of 50/50..

                          Living room -
                          65" Panasonic S2 Plasma
                          Onkyo 876
                          Paul Carmody Speedsters

                          Man Room -
                          55" Sony LCD proj TV (forget model....kewxf55......)
                          Emo UMC-1 Pre/Pro
                          Emo XPA-3
                          Emo UPA-2
                          L/R ---k---/cjd Khanspires
                          C cjd x-over Dayton RS
                          LS/RS Markk RS225/28A
                          Subs (in progress) twin 18's sealed (eD 19O), quad 13's sealed (eD 13A)
                          Behringer DEQ2496 for substage
                          Sub amp to come - Sanway FP14000

                          Pics to come
                          Builds - C-Killa - Speedsters - LithMTM - Talking Sticks - Pocket Rockets - Khanspires - Dayton RS Center - RS225/28A - Kairos - Adelphos - SEOS TD12X - Dayton 8 - Needles - 871S - eD6c - Overnight Sensations - Tritrix (ported) - Lineup F4 - Stentorians - The Cheapies - Tub Thumpers - Barbells - Tuba HT - Numerous subwoofers - probably missing a few...... :p


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                            Re: Post up your main system and details

                            Display: Samsung 40" 640 series LCD (CF bulb)
                            Preamp: Emotiva XDA-1, modified power supply and I/V stage
                            Amp: Adcom GFA-5400
                            Source: Panasonic BDT-200 CD/Blu-ray/DVD/Netflix
                            Source: DirecTV
                            Speakers: Sylvania/GTE AS-105W 3way speakers, circa 1975

                            Display: Panasonic 50" G-series plasma
                            Preamp: Outlaw 950 modified (all analog stages modified... LOTS of opamps)
                            Amp: Parasound HCA-1500A (x2) bridged for mains
                            Amp: Adcom GFA-2535 (bridged center & 2x surround)
                            Source: Denon DVD-2900 (CD/DVD/DVD-Audio/SACD), modified power supply & post-DAC analog stages
                            Source: DirecTV
                            Source: Xbox 360 (Netflix/gaming)
                            Source: Panasonic BD-85 (Blu-ray)
                            Main Speakers: DIY TMW (yet to be named, see avatar), SS 25W paper (NLA), SS 5" Revelator, North D28 tweeter
                            Center: DIY MTM (yet to be named), SS 7" Revelator, SS 9700 tweeter
                            Rears: DIY TM bookshelf (yet to be named), SS 5" Revelator, SS 9500 tweeter
                            Sub: DIY, Adire Shiva, ~3.3 ft^3, old PE Class-D amp
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                              Re: Post up your main system and details

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2003.jpg
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Size:	553.5 KB
ID:	11446192 Tapped horns 14"x18"x94" with Eminence Lab12 drivers,(not visible due to being mounted in garage with openings into the listening room).

                              Expo 110hz midbass horns driven by JBL 2205a.

                              Mid horn is 350hz Tractrix,JBL 2241,
                              Tweeters are Fostex T500amk2.
                              Horns are turned from stacked rings of MDF.
                              Integra DTR 40.3 reciever
                              Carver TFM 42 amp for subs
                              Oppo BDP 93 DVD player
                              2 Sony CD changers
                              Thorens TD125 mkii turntable
                              SME 3009 tonearm
                              Shure V15VxMR cartridge

                              Sony HD front projector,126"