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  • Googlephonic

    I bought a Stereo! Wow! With TWO speakers!
    But then I heard the quad with the four speakers and I was like this is it, so I got rid of the stereo and got the quad.
    Im listening to this thing and Im like, 'Hey this sounds like SH|T!'
    So, I got rid of that and got the dodecaphonic with the 12 speakers.
    This was more to my liking . . . for a while.

    But the gear gets pretty sophisticated pretty fast and I got rid of that and got the milliphonic with the 1,000 speakers.
    And Im listening to that one and Im like, 'Hey, this sounds like SH|T too! The other one was SH|T one, this one is SH|T too!'

    So, I traded that in and got the googlephonic, which is the highest number of speakers you can have before infinity.

    Sounds like SH|T!

    So, then I said, 'Hey, maybe its the needle!'

    I had the typical diamond needle. So I searched around and got the moonrock needle; cost me 3 million bucks, but what the hey?

    So, now I have a googlephonic stereo with a moonrock needle.

    OK for a car stereo, wouldn't want it in my house."

    Thank you Steve Martin. :D
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    Re: Googlephonic

    You forgot about the part where the stereo store owner comes out and plays Bach, and the clouds part and angels come down. Then he plays Beethoven's Fifth and Satan rises from Hell with fire and brimstone. And he says "Mr. Schumacher, what kind of music do your like to listen to?" "Oh! (Choice) Bernie Bernbaum and his Pennsylvania Polka Kings!"...oooorrr... "Oh! My Slim Whitman collection!" There's a hundred "kicker" lines. It's best if it's something advertised on late night TV that NO ONE with 3 functioning brain cells would buy. "Disco Duck!" How many of you just broke some dental work being reminded of that one?