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New MiniDSP mic

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  • New MiniDSP mic

    Looks like this is "just a mic" and you use it with REW or whatever. ($75)


    EDIT: I now see the post on a Dayton mic that appears the same functionally, but does not look the same.
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    Re: New MiniDSP mic

    The miniDSP mic has a built in DAC which makes it a lor different than the Dayton mic - no external HW is required, just plug the mic into a USB port. The specs (see previous post) look impressive to me for the price.

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      Re: New MiniDSP mic

      ... and now Dayton has one ;)

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        Re: New MiniDSP mic

        A valiant effort, but I would like more than 48 khz sampling for good HD range. I am also concerned that the USB 1.0 might have more latency (but I am open to being enlightened by the gurus).


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          Re: New MiniDSP mic

          has anyone had the chance to use this yet?


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            Re: New MiniDSP mic

            I've got one, and have toyed around a little using it with REW... I don't have enough expertise or experience to say whether it's good or bad, but the plug-and-play aspects couldn't be simpler.

            You'll see some concerns raised, you poke around in the miniDSP forums a bit... there've been a few "huh?" moments with cal files, and there's a running (well, sort of) discussion on the actual frequency-range capabilities -vs- how the UMIK-1 was initially advertised.


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