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  • Taking into account the volume the new amp and its plastic cover takes up, the enclosure is about .45 cu ft.
    The port is the 2" precision model cut down to 9.25". My interiors length is 11.25" so I followed that port width from wall rule and no elbow needed. According to the calculators I'm tuned somewhere around 37 Hz.
    I'm a renegade with my enclosure volume I know.
    We just compared this build against my Energy ESW-M8, swapping the plug back and forth. Energy is a 8" with two passive radiators. My be a tad quicker and the amp definitely doesn't get as hot, but that is its only advantages. Tang Band definitely sounds cleaner and DEEPER. Plays 35Hz with some authority and does not roll off rapidly until 30 Hz.
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    • I am building one of these to go with a pair of PS 95 Mini Towers. What would you use for dampening in this build. Polyfill, Sonic barrier ?

      Thanks Scott