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  • Bass:
    TRON Legacy Soundtrack -> Original -> CD1 -> Track 12
    Daft Punk - End of Line (FLAC or better)

    Pure digital, no vocals. Xmax and failing surrounds will be revealed if you get carried away. It'll also have police tapping their feet in beat as they wait for you to answer your front door if you hear them knocking before they enter uninvited.

    There are remixes out there. None of them come close to this true original track IMO. It starts strong, heavy and gets heavier from there. Structural impact should be noted for this one. With a powerful system really cranked this sucker can damage a house.

    Outstanding for finding vases and other objects the wife has sitting on slick surfaces needing secured before they dance off to their death.

    Here's a sample of End of Line from the tube but doesn't do justice. When I light up my Oppo using a pure track with no "noise" buried it's a fun one:

    TRON Legacy Soundtrack -> Original -> CD1 -> Track 15
    Daft Punk - Solar Sailer (FLAC or better)

    Pure digital, no vocals. This one is a mellow start with a nice float-along feel. Once the low kicks in it'll set your walls into a sustained tremble rate taking down loose hanging pictures. Great for finding things your wife barely hung.

    Also great for isolating frame corners, light fixtures, window blinds and all other objects rattling that need padding.

    Boston Acoustics Bass Test Cd -Woofer Cooker (FLAC or better)

    Believe this goes down into and below 20hz and keeps it active while the rest of the stuff plays in the higher ranges. The woofer cooker warning is no joke. This thing is very dangerous to your sub at too high a volume.

    Personal note - lucky house layout factors:

    In my favor, the living room of our home is designed right in the middle of a 2K+ sq'. It does effectively isolate it as best normal walls can. We also have a large very dense couch that does, measurably, attenuate the bass. When behind the couch, staring straight ahead toward the media wall and media center (and where the subs are) the depth and power of the lows are reduced preventing them from hitting a wall 45+ feet in front of them. Without that couch it would be hitting that wall like a freight train.

    My neighbor on that side is pretty old, but none the less, the more I can save any of them the displeasure of hearing music they may hate (that we love) while keeping the volume at our levels the better.

    Layers of walls surrounding the large central living room are key here and I really dig it since we can blast this place beyond club levels. When the drink is flowing my Esoteric based LCR + 2x Infinity Perfect 12.1 subs give whatever level we can stand, and easily exceed it too which is amazing actually.

    A back yard large enough to dissipate the audio prevents rattling (too badly) windows of homes on that next street. The front is nothing but a driveway to the street.

    All-in-all it's a wonderful configuration allowing a mind-bending, party-loud environment without the police being called on me.

    Rock on!
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    Feel free to rip my assumptions apart when wrong, or fix if close.

    Passive Radiators:
    All PR(s) Vd must at-least double all woofer(s) Vd. Calc = Sd x Xmax to get Vd for all PR(s) and all woofer(s). If all PR(s) Vd at-least double all woofer(s) Vd they'll work.
    For woofer(s) with large Xmax vs Sd, all PR(s) with Xmax at-least double all woofer(s) Xmax will work.
    A PR max weight is said to be its Mms x3

    PR Systems - tight focus with key parameters.
    PR Speaker Design - thorough coverage.


    • El-Harpo by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Live duel between harmonica and a pipe organ and a piano.


      • Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow- Dave Grusin, Discovered Again - Sheffield
        Over the Rainbow - Rob Wasserman and Stephanie Grapelli, Rob Wasserman, Duets
        Boston to Beijing - Tonic Solfa, Boston to Beijing
        Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher
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