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  • Julian Bream plays Segovia and Alverez. The slightest thing wrong with an amp will make the strings too metallic.
    Any Joni Mitchel or Joan Baez. Their voices can make some speakers way go off. Critical midrange clarity.
    Dave Grusin, Discovered again, second track. Has excitement that tests speakers midrange clarity with md/upper bass at the same time.
    Harry James Discovered again. Another clean Sheffield recording. tweeter breakup will make the horns sound harsh. He does not play harsh like the Buddy Rich band does.
    Amanda Mcbroom, growing up in Hollywood town. Amanda or the Rose. It that does not melt a man, you are not a man.
    The opening applause on Clapton Unplugged, a really bad recording, but can sound worse if things are not right.
    Osawa doing Beethoven's 5th. He just gets more energy and it should come through compared to others.

    I see a lot of great stuff mentioned, but unfortunately very bad recordings. Beatles and Moody Blues in particular. 461 Ocean Blvd was embarrassing for quality of recording. Music great though. Male vocals tend to be easy. Female much harder. Acoustic instruments are more revealing. Going to have to track down some of these recommended. There is always more good music to be found!