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InDIYana 2014: The bar keeps on rising.

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  • "Wolf, you shall now be known as "King of the Zip ties." -Pete00t
    "Wolf and speakers equivalent to Picasso and 'Blue'" -dantheman
    "He is a true ambassador for this forum and speaker DIY in general." -Ed Froste
    "We're all in this together, so keep your stick on the ice!" - Red Green aka Steve Smith

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    • Originally posted by Wolf View Post
      Come on, guys! I know there is a back history, but I don't want to see this thread about the post-event become less of an enjoyment.
      Please politely bicker elsewhere.


      • Why not just forgive and forget? I mean, how long does a feud need to go on? You guys have been at this for as long as I can remember, isn't it time to let it go? After all, it's just speakers. It's not anything real important, not important enough to maintain a long running feud, anyway.
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          • Originally posted by Jeff B. View Post
            From the perspective of most of the rest of us, Alan's comment above was pretty harmless. Your reaction was based on the history you guys have. Just sayin' - let it go.


            • Originally posted by Paul K. View Post
              I apologize to this forum as I did not intend to actually post this response to Jeff's post. I did prepare it but decided not to post since I said I would stop posting on this issue, hitting the "cancel" icon. Apparently the forum controls did not respond properly and I have no idea why. Again, I apologize to everyone. I have deleted that post although I know it still appears in Jeff's response but that's all I can do.
              I took care of that too. See above.
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