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    I'm building miniature boombox and I'm having little trouble planning the speaker setup, It will be about the size of Big Jambox (Google it, you have internet) and I'm not sure if I should use Two Full Ranges and small Passive radiator to it? or One Full Range and one subwoofer? Please no responses like ''You won't get stereo with it'' or People with audiophile syndrome, you need help.

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    Re: Miniature BoomBox

    Just for reference, this is the size of the box according to the website:


    Length: 10" (256mm)
    Width: 3.1" (80mm)
    Height: 3.6" (93mm)
    Weight: 2.7lbs (1.23kg)

    If you do a search for some of the smaller-sized speakers on Tech Talk, it may give you some ideas.
    There's nothing wrong with not using stereo in something that small I don't think.
    Personally I'd be thinking something with two full-range speakers and a built-in T-amp setup.
    even hook up a bluetooth module if you're into that stuff.

    Actually, if you aren't set on stereo and don't mind going a bit bigger, you could do one of Chris Roemer's Neo Nano speakers as a single, it's not too much bigger, and has enough bass to surprise you... or a single overnight sensation may do the trick as well. One channel of the amp for the woof, one for the tweeter? Sounds interesting.

    Have you searched Tech Talk forum for boombox builds? There are quite a few to be found if you haven't. It may provide some additional inspiration for you.

    *Veneering curves, seams, using heat-lock iron on method *Trimming veneer & tips *Curved Sides glue-up video
    *Part 2 *Gluing multiple curved laminations of HDF *Cello's Speaker Project Page

    *Building the "Micro-B 2.1 Plate Amplifier -- Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * * Part 5 'Review' * -- Assembly Instructions PDF


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      Re: Miniature BoomBox

      You can avoid all of these silly questions and locked threads by learning to simulate these arrangements on your own, that was you also don't have to deal with naysayers and the like.

      You can use Unibox ( ) or WinISD ( to simulate sealed, ported, bandpass, and passive radiator alignments.

      Charlie Laub has hosted many of his and Jeff Bagby's design software (in the form of excel sheets) here as well:

      There is even Hornresp for simulating any type of horn or waveguide shape.

      EDGE will allow you to simulate baffle diffraction on oddly-shpaed baffles.

      The most interesting and powerful of these free programs, though, is Neil Davis' PSD-Lite which can be found in his signature exactly two posts down. ;)

      And there are a hundred more FREE pieces of simulation software on the internet to do what you need. All you have to do is learn how to use them, there are how-to's everywhere for each of them.
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        Re: Miniature BoomBox

        You would likely get the most bass potential by using most of your box volume on a subwoofer. Nothing wrong with mono. Folks here are just trying to help you make something better than a Jambox. Also, ditto on using modeling software; You will really see what different drivers are capable of by playing around with box volume and tuning.
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          Re: Miniature BoomBox

          Originally posted by Shayd View Post
          I'm building miniature boombox and I'm having little trouble planning the speaker setup, It will be about the size of Big Jambox (Google it, you have internet) and I'm not sure if I should use Two Full Ranges and small Passive radiator to it? or One Full Range and one subwoofer? Please no responses like ''You won't get stereo with it'' or People with audiophile syndrome, you need help.
          The driver decision needs to take into account the DSP that is available. If you have no DSP, then you are limited to what the drivers and passive crossover can do. As GW, noted, there are many simulation programs that can model the behavior of drivers in a cabinet (although mysteriously he left out the most interesting and most powerful free modeling program, which is the one in my signature ).

          However, with DSP you can use some proven algorithms that give the impression of deeper bass or that can give you enhanced stereo separation. And without DSP you are probably not going to compete with the Jawbone or Jambox in a DIY project. They use some algorithms to enhance the bass and provide equalization that allows them to get more performance from their drivers. So just using similar drivers isn't going to result in a competitive DIY product.

          A lot of these DSP algorithms are easy to use and have no licensing issues, but obviously, you need the DSP capability. A simple way to implement DSP capability is to use the ADAU1701 chip plus some software that is an unreleased extension of the modeling software in my signature. A very nice board that has 4 20W class D amps plus the ADAU1701 is in the picture. This board works, but it is one-of-a-kind and needs to get produced in large enough quantities to drive down the cost. So here's a challenge for you: help me get this board produced and I'll give you the software that controls it for free. Deal?

          I'm sort of pulling your chain, but I'm serious about the potential for a board like this for boom-box or desktop speaker applications. It's got nice amps, a nice DSP, and a USB interface for downloading the DSP algorithms and crossovers and EQ. The amps can run off of 12V-18V, and the entire board is tiny, with a provision for heatsinking to a chassis or plate through that hole near the amps. I've just got too many projects underway to follow up on this myself, but if anyone wants to work on it I'll give you all of the documentation.

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            Re: Miniature BoomBox

            A pair of ND90's if your a bass head would probably do ya. Something like Wolf's PC speakers/ or Paul Carmody's sprite would work well for you. I like my Minions III quite a bit but they need a sub with them if your a bass head.

            There are a lot of options out there and finding an existing design would by far be the easiest option as all the hard work is done for you in design.

            Hope you find what your looking for...

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              Re: Miniature BoomBox

              gotta love the "audiophile syndrome" comment


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                Re: Miniature BoomBox

                Since I can't possibly quote every each one of your comments I said it will be about the size of Jambox, overall shape and all that but Jambox uses 2.5 Inch Full Range speakers while I plan to go about 4 Inches in diameter, yes I will hook up simple bluetooth module I already have it along with step down converter to 5v to not fry it. I as well have the amplifier
                and I was planning to use
                As the full range, they have 4 inch model but it's midbass and not full range as for the subwoofer
                Though it was a quick pick I don't think you can do better than that, Tang Band seems to be the only one producing Mini-Subwoofers, and the Amplifier I bought does 30W 4Ohm before THD skyrockets
                1x Full Range Driver
                1x Subwoofer
                1x Amplifier (Check)
                1x Bluetooth module (Check)
                1x Voltage converter (Check, for bluetooth)
                And depending on how big it is I may add batteries, most likely few 18650s in Series but I haven't though of it yet i may simply get small Power supply to drive it.

                I work in Dog Daycare, we move a lot inside, outside and I want something small to play music while I make sure the dogs don't bite each other's tail off, we had a small sony Radio but it was making more noise than sound and eventually it stopped working, just like that.
                Just to prove this is serious business here's a photo of a puppy
                Click image for larger version

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                  Re: Miniature BoomBox

                  That puppy is obviously an audiophile.


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                    Re: Miniature BoomBox

                    The ears are to hear treats hitting the ground


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                      Re: Miniature BoomBox

                      Originally posted by neildavis View Post
                      That looks like a nice piece of kit there...
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                        Re: Miniature BoomBox

                        I don't wanna keep bumping the thread up but look here
                        Tiny and sounds so nice so why everyone keeps telling me to make a huge box or this and that.


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                          Re: Miniature BoomBox

                          I gotta admit on my laptop it sounds, well like my laptop. JMO


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                            Re: Miniature BoomBox

                            You are watching videos about speakers on your laptop speakers... Who am I asking advice for seriously.


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                              Re: Miniature BoomBox

                              Then why are you telling us how good they sound? Really?
                              You have stated your goals, listed what you have and made your decisions. What are YOU asking of us? Our approval?