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Extrapolated Theorization: "Xenoliths"....

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    Re: Extrapolated Theorization: "Xenoliths"....

    I got to listen to them at Ben's place before we left for KY. Though they were sitting well below ear level, I was only about 5-6 ft from them and the bass was pretty darn good. If you know how much of a bass head I am, then you know how much of a compliment that is. In our hotel room running of Rory's class d amp, they sounded very full bodied and balanced.


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      Re: Extrapolated Theorization: "Xenoliths"....

      Originally posted by Wolf View Post
      The Oversights were listened to vertically at InDIYana, but do you listen to them on their sides at home? I did wonder about this.

      Thanks for the compliments,
      The guy I sold them to has them that way flanking his TV which is like 5' away from his couch (small apartment). I never had a chance to fuss with them after my DQ at Indy. One of my coworkers snatched them up and loved them as off they went.
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