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Extrapolated Theorization: "Xenoliths"....

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  • isaeagle4031
    Re: Extrapolated Theorization: "Xenoliths"....

    Hmm. On the 3way I'm just finishing, I ended up with a sxo on the mt portion and pxo between them and the woofer. I think I may go back and try series as well just to see. I've only got 11 parts on it as of now.

    This looks very good by the way. Man you've been busy lately!

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  • Wolf
    started a topic Extrapolated Theorization: "Xenoliths"....

    Extrapolated Theorization: "Xenoliths"....

    Xenolith (definition): a rock formation within another rock formation.

    How aptly does this describe what I've wanted to do for awhile with the miniscule Xenum design? Very! So, take a 0.23ft^3 knock-down cab, and use a liter for the Xenums, sealed and stuffed, and use the remaining 6.1 ltrs for the woofer: the DC160S-4, vented of course.


    So I went back a ways in my speaker designing, and dredged up the old files from Darren's work for all 3 drivers from the mass-file he unleashed upon the DIY community before his departure. I then proceeded to modify them from the orig data files to suit the box in question with regard to really the only way to place them all on the baffle.

    Detailed drawing of assembly:

    Using these T/S for the mid and woofer:

    ...Came up with these box alignments:

    The Xmax on the W3-315E is good until 400Hz at 100dB in a sealed liter, so I aimed for that region in the xover. DC160S4 hits Fb/3/10 of 55/62/44Hz.

    Relative BSC effect plots and driver positions:

    Being that I did everything from scratch on the Xenum portion, I was still surprised that it virtually matched the results on the initial Xenum sim from 2008, and the parts list did not need to change at all. Below is the 2014 'Resim' data...

    5* above axis:

    Xenum xover:

    Turns out the Fc of xover is closer to 2.7k than I thought previously, and the blend is very nice still! Since the Xenums were a SXO design, I stepped out on a limb to make it an SXO 3-way, which I have yet to build one of. I've simulated before, but not built any yet, and this turned out to be a relatively easy project with only 13 parts for a 3-way. You cannot model an SXO 3-way in PCD in one session. It has to be done in tiers. I did the MT, then used the MT FR and Z plots in combo with the woofer data to get the results.

    And final sim of the 3-way:

    Xover points are closer to 450 (BW1/2) and 2.7k (BW4/3).

    I'll post pics as these progress, as I have 5 sided boxes at the ready, all glued up!
    Thanks for looking,

    PS- I did change the Rs value to compensate for the coil DCR in the box sim, though it is not pictured correctly.