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Delux Boombox - ideas?? +reward

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  • Delux Boombox - ideas?? +reward

    Hey all.

    First, a big thanks to this community for help in the past with various designs/ideas, even though I am a noob.

    Now, I am planning a Christmas present for my brother. I want to make a delux boombox. Please comment/add ideas. I will be adding pictures probably by mid november as I get underway in the build, but have to wait till then because of money. It is either a delux boombox, or if the money just isn't there, a smaller desktop build or small towers.

    GOAL (at this point): best sound for the money AND a lot of functionality. Wide dispersion sound for near-field (low x-over) but good room-filling sound (carpeted room, 7ft ceiling, floor 25ft square)

    IDEAS: Use a car audio receiver for power, because they offer decent rms output/quality, and have four channels with good crossover settings built in. Perhaps I can power tweeters/mids separately if the speaker part of the project is just 2 speakers, each a tweeter/mid. Also, receivers have the built-in cd player, remote control, bluetooth, and cool lights... radio... etc. So why not! I don't think my brother would mind trading a little sound quality for a lot of functionality.

    SPEAKERS CONSIDERED: da175's for the mids, mated with a tweeter good at wide dispersion... I really like the wide soundstage sound and usually find some tweeters are better off-axis and just offer a great soundstage... no tweet selected yet though. Also considered 4 small fullrange drivers per side for the front channels, and route the rear channels to a pair of the 5 1/4 tangband sub that some say really does do well on even 15ish watts rms... May want to do something different too, that has never been done.

    BUILDING MATERIALS: can do oddball shapes with fiberglass, but probably limited to wood. Will try to procure scraps of exotic woods from local place. Thinking of having embedded supermagnets so that speakers can detatch from central receiver, but not necessary. also considering a battery system (SLA's and charger) but that is on hold for now. This box will probably be too large to be super mobile anyway. Will power off of a 12v 20a power supply that I already own. This should be durable, will probably throw on rubber corners... and grills over speakers.

    BUDGET: under 300 total, hopefully much less (not including building materials). Basic recievers that meet requirements are around 80, and I am guessing speakers and components will be around 140... hope less tho. Honestly, the sound quality is important, but price is too. I may not have the money for a 300$ project. I really appreciate budget suggestions too. I am open to dropping the cd player idea in favor of a tripath and bluetooth option... but I lead towards the cdplayer concept.

    NAME: still being debated.

    REWARD: Why not. The best design (i.e. the one I like the most!!!) will be rewarded. Pm me your paypal and I will shoot you 5$! If that is illegal (I don't know the forum rules regarding that) then I will figure something else out.

    Join the team if you have any ideas. Thanks : )


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    Re: Delux Boombox - ideas?? +reward

    I will be making a BB this winter with two ND105 (as subs) and two, each side, ND91. Not positive on the tweeter yet. These will be powered with a 2.1 amp.
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      Re: Delux Boombox - ideas?? +reward

      I'm using two "satellites" of Mattp's "pocket rockets" and a subwoofer of a ported BC 8BG51 with a Feixiang 2.1 amp and an Intocircuit pc26000 battery (stole this battery idea from someone else's recent build).
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        Re: Delux Boombox - ideas?? +reward

        Heres one that i built a while back. Kinda big, but can can be scaled down a bit. F3 of about 48.


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          Re: Delux Boombox - ideas?? +reward

          i did something similar , this may be a good read for you ...
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            Re: Delux Boombox - ideas?? +reward

            Check out my sig. I do delux boomboxes. I could sell you an unfinished kit if you like the design.
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              Re: Delux Boombox - ideas?? +reward

              I've built a portable system (Drive-Ins) and have consulted on a suitcase system.

              The Drive-Ins use a single, high-sensitivity, full-range driver with a simple contour network and a ported alignment to get really loud on 12W, and still get long life from a small battery. It's a clamshell design, base on a subwoofer box I didn't use, housing all the electronics inside the closed clamshell. All the money's in the drivers.

              JimiTwoShoes wanted a 2.1 system that fit in a suitcase. I recommended he base it on a proven MTM design (podzuma) plus a ported woofer. In this case, his use of auto amps was a good fit, using one pair of amps to drive the MTMs using a conventional passive XI, and the other pair in bridged mode to drive the woofer, using active internal crossover controls to low-pass the woofer. Sealing the MTM already takes care of their roll-off.

              I'll also note that neither looks as nice as Melby's products... and looks count when giving gifts. So does program options, so find out what sort of media your brother has, and make sure you enable it as an input option.

              Have fun,


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                Re: Delux Boombox - ideas?? +reward

                Thanks to all for the good advice so far. Thanks Filmslayer for the link- good points there that I will keep in mind when building/finishing.


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                  Re: Delux Boombox - ideas?? +reward

                  Thank you Frank. I will keep your points in mind about looks and input options.


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                    Re: Delux Boombox - ideas?? +reward

                    This is not quite "real" yet, but I have a working prototype of a nice boombox amp that you might find interesting. It's got 2 stereo power amps, with an ADAU1701 chip for the DSP/crossover. The power amps are SSM3302 chips, which are very high quality class D amps. They are in the 10W per channel range on 12V, but you can use up to 18V to get more power. You can see the 2 power amps at the bottom of the picture, and the DSP is in the middle. The CPU and USB interface for programming the DSP is at the top left.

                    This prototype has an analog connector for audio output so you can use the board without the power amps, but I've got a new PCB layout that replaces the line output with a DAC for subwoofer output. So this new version is a 4+1 board that is only 2.5" by 2.5". I've got a small docking station project underway that will use this board, but nothing to show off yet.

                    It's a nice board, but unless you have good SMD assembly skills it's not going to be of interest. But maybe someone is willing to assemble a couple of these and make them available? I'm offering this design as a possible boombox amp/DSP solution in case someone wants to give it a try.

                    Click image for larger version

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