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Sure Bluetooth 4.0 board problem

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  • Sure Bluetooth 4.0 board problem

    So I have built a portable boombox (pretty much a clone of the Promise Keeper build that Woodwelder made) using the Sure bluetooth 4.0 board, Sure digital volume control, and the Sure tpa3116 2x50w amp. The amp and volume control board seems to be fine, as I can feed a line in to the volume control board and it sounds beautiful. I see quite a few builds using this bluetooth module, so I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

    Whenever I go above 50% volume or so on whichever bluetooth device I'm using (primarily my phone), I get terrible distortion. When I get to 75%, it's just complete muddled garbage. I'm pretty certain this isn't ground loop noise, as it's just powered off of a 12v SLA battery.

    Does anyone have this issue, and is it normal? I've noticed this board puts out quite a bit of gain itself. I've already contacted P.E. customer support (which is amazing btw!), and they already have another board shipped to me. Sounds like a possible defect in the board to me, as I've read quite a few reviews singing praises of this board.

    P.S. I also have the 2x15w Sure amp as well, and it does the same thing with it. I'm using the Dayton RS100-4 4" drivers, so I'm fairly certain my drivers can handle it.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Sure Bluetooth 4.0 board problem

    just wondering but what is the volume set to from you BT device? as you can control both, BT volume then with your control board. im starting to wonder if the distortion is from over driving the amp. what im thinking is that if the BT board can put out more Voltage then what the volume control can handle input wise this could be causing the distortion. have you tried doing BT->amp instead of BT->VC->amp, this might solve the problem, then you would just need to make a source selector to switch between the two. then use your BT device to control the volume, i noticed something simliar to this to a BT speaker i found at local store, for $40 i figured it wouldnt hurt to try it out. it has a stand alone volume control as well, i have to keep it kind of low if the volume on the BT device is above 50% since i get distortion in the sound. i have found that some where near 40-50% volume on the bt device, i lose the distortion but i lose how loud the speaker can get too. since im rather close to it, being able to get really loud doesn't matter, just needs to be loud enough.


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      Re: Sure Bluetooth 4.0 board problem

      Mike, I have tried that, and still have the same issue. I'm mainly using the volume control just for the ability to switch between line in and bluetooth seamlessly, as it will automatically switch if you insert a line in device. Even with the bluetooth going straight into the amp, I'm still getting crazy distortion. I really need it to be clear at the higher volumes, as I'm typically using it at the gym early in the morning when the radio is not turned on.


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        Re: Sure Bluetooth 4.0 board problem

        Have you tried using the headphone jack on the board? That might help isolate the issue.


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          Re: Sure Bluetooth 4.0 board problem

          I think the issue is not with your Bluetooth board, but with your amp crapping out. Some amp boards are notorious about overstating their power outputs. When you think you have 2X50W, you really have 2X50W into 4 ohms at 10% distortion, so the real output is much less.
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            Re: Sure Bluetooth 4.0 board problem

            You are running on a 12 Volt battery,you may be clipping the amplifier....Run it at 24 volts,if you have two 12volt batteries put them in series and try again.



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              Re: Sure Bluetooth 4.0 board problem

              The first issue is the power source for the amp. 12v is no where near enough power. Start at 16v and go up from there. I have never had that issue and the Sure BT board. but it does have some gain and missed with the Sure volume control it can get dicey in dialing in the right amount of volume.
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