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  • Hi-fly

    Just got an email about Dayton's new HI-FLY audio system.
    Be interesting to see the specs when they come out.
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    Re: Hi-fly

    Kind of reminds me of the LMS environment with no server.
    It would be interesting to see/hear how it compares with the Chromecast.
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      Re: Hi-fly

      Wasn't expecting Dayton to be on the bleeding edge like this. This almost goes beyond Chromecast and into Sonos territory.
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        Re: Hi-fly

        My neighbor has 2 sonus units a small one and center channel one. Its a very impressive setup. This seems like it has the same options and a good amount cheaper. Im interested to see more details about using your existing setups.
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          Re: Hi-fly

          I would love too have the signal/amp module of the wifi speaker and make my own. I am kind of excited about this. I might even get one and hack it to see what I might build out of it.
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            Re: Hi-fly

            Or you could just use the "wifi multiroom adaptor" and add an amp.


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              Re: Hi-fly

              Has anyone tried these yet? I am seriously considering a few as Christmas gifts and for myself.

              I currently use Gramofons and the Qualcomm AllPlay Jukebox to group them or play individually. In theory, and when they work, they're fantastic since I mainly use Spotify and the Gramofons are Spotify Connect devices. However, they're not very stable and fall off the network semi frequently.

              PS PE, please consider a digital output in a future revision. There are many with nice, legacy systems which include digital inputs and would rather use the DAC of their choice as opposed to whatever is in the WiFly box.


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                Re: Hi-fly

                I would love something similar to Sonos in the way of a soundbar and sub and smaller bookshelf style speakers. It would be a perfect setup for my mother in law without the Sonos cost.


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                  I've been using a Hi-Fly home system with 4 WFA (Wi-Fi Audio) Adapters in my home for over a year now. They're pretty good and a lot less expensive than other home wi-fi streaming audio solutions. They WFA Adapter has just had a firmware upgrade distributed! It seems to help the reliability of the system when it's in synchronized mode, but now the Hi-Fly App has some problems with Pandora station list access. If your station list extends beyond the bottom of the Android device screen you can't scroll down to the bottom of the soon as you