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    Chris Roemer
    Chris Roemer posted a Visitor Message for jachristmas
    I think in the UniCC's writeup you can use 3 different tweeters just by changing the L-pad resistors.
    Personally, I'd NOT use the Tit dome along w/the silk domes.
    The Tit dome (orig.) was Dayton's ONLY shielded dome (for use with old CRTs).
    Today, you could just use the 275-070 dome (same as what's in your D-IIIs).
    PM me back if you need any more help.

    Curt's "follow-on" to the UniCC was the Triune, which led to the Tritrix. I think any of those would be a good CC for you as well.

  • jachristmas
    I really would like to use the uniCC with the silk dome tweets. How can I determine what value to change the l pad resistors to? I don't have any modeling of measuring equipment other than my ears. Thanks for the help. I started my build years ago but got never got around to finishing it.
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