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    Steve Lee
    Steve Lee posted a Visitor Message for Ray Tremblay

    Please tell me about your delivery and payment methods/requirements?

    Shipping - included?

    Is there a reason you are letting these go sir?


    Steve Lee.

  • Ray Tremblay
    Hey Steve.

    Yes, PayPal is my preferred method of payment. I'll ship through FedEx or the post office depending on cost. Shipping is not included but shouldn't be much for these.

    My speaker plans changed when I came across five Scanspeak revelator 22W aluminum woofers here on the board about a month ago. Instead of doing a few extra pairs of speakers in addition to what I already have, I've decided to cannibalize my current main system for it's mids and tweeters, then add the Scanspeak 22W's to do a WMTMW set up with separate subs. I think a complete Scanspeak Revelator WMTMW system with separate Scanspeak 32W subs (or LMS Ultra 5400's if I can find a pair) is as far as I'll ever need to take this hobby. I've decided to sale off everything else and just concentrate on that one system.

    This message system is a little tough to navigate since they've downgraded to the new message board software. Feel free to shoot me a text anytime. 512-785-4704. Thanks.

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