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    Hey Roman, first off Happy TGving. I have a question about NBL. I bought 2 shts,. of Rosewood from
    ​my vendor and they sent a picture from the flitch and I don't believe it is what they sent. I ordered S,NM
    ​in architectural grade and I think they sent just a 2ply not from the flitch they sent a picture from. It was
    a custom order $ 400 per sheet and I think they are full of ****. Any advise how to tell NBL from 2ply
    veneer? Thanks Mike

  • r-carpenter
    Hey Mike.
    NBL stands for "no black line. It's important if you doing lighter colors like oak. Regular 2-ply will have a phenolic backer which is usually dark and it stands out on the edges like sore thumb. For dark color veneer it's not important. It would actually be the opposite. NLL if such thing exists. In any event, email me a few pictures to [email protected]
    Do a closeup of the edge and see if you can take a pic of the whole sheet of the veneer. Also a pic they provided.
    If the picture they send does not match what you got, ask them for UPS return label and see how much they discount.
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