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    I'll sell you a BASH 300 plate amp for $100 shipped, so long as shipping isn't more than $20. Also, if you're looking for the most bang-for-the-buck, a larger 4th order or 6th Order bandpass box will give you free sensitivity increase, for the cost of taking up more space. I can even help you design the box if you select a driver first.

  • aramid
    Thanks! I appreciate the amp offer, but it would almost double what I'm looking to spend on this project. I'd still wind up with a super cheap subwoofer, but basically if I can't bring the whole thing in under $100 I'm probably going to splurge on something a LOT bigger, such that I'll never have to worry about power or extension.

    I'm definitely interested in the bandpass concept, but it seems like the best I can do with any given driver is to gain a few Hz on the low end (with admittedly very flat response) in exchange for a much larger enclosure. Can you give me any recommendations using that same little SD215A?
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