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    Default Office Sound System

    I've been given the task of a Sound System for a new office our company is moving into. I'd love some ideas and advice

    We have three different zones we'd like music in.
    1. Indoor Reatil Space, background music
    2. Outdoor Patio Area
    3. Workshop
    In the Patio and Workshop areas we'd like to be able to listen at louder volumes than the retail area. So separate volume controls are a must.

    Ideally we'd be streaming audio and like an Ipod/mp3 hookup.

    We'd like volume control for each zone, don't really care about seperate sources for each zone, though it possible would be nice.

    I've looked a bit into using home audio amps as well as commercial stuff.
    No preference other than I'm familiar with home and car audio and not with commercial at all.


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    Dec 2010

    Default Re: Office Sound System

    Number of speakers?
    Total distance of speaker runs?
    Speakers to be hidden or inconspicuous?

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    Default Re: Office Sound System

    More likey than not, 2 speakers in each zone, so 6 total, unless we need more the fill the space.
    It's an old hardware store we're taking over part of, so we're just thinking a couple of surface mount speakers.

    Two of the runs would be relatively short, 25 ft or so. The patio speakers would be be about 100ft or so from the amp location.

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    Dec 2010

    Default Re: Office Sound System

    Would you need paging capability?

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    Default Re: Office Sound System

    Paging at On Hold Music would be nice, but by no means needed.
    The boss really wants to be able to listen to some background music in the retail area, and listen to music outside and in the garage.

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    Dec 2010

    Default Re: Office Sound System

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    johna_partsexpress Guest

    Default Re: Office Sound System

    We sell the crown unit, if the will fit your requirements.


    Just use 70V speakers and individual volume controls for your zones.

    If you have any questions or wish to discuss it more, please feel free to call me at 866-366-4909 ext 135

    John Ambro
    Wholesale Rep

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    Default Re: Office Sound System

    I agree with johna's suggestion.

    70 volt is pretty easy for a system you want to do. Volume controls in each zone will allow you to set the amp output hot enough so you can make the zones as loud or as low as you want.

    Music on hold is something that you will need to have in the phone system not the audio system. All you would do is take the record out of the amp (crown) and plug it into the music input on the phone system. I do beleive they make a stand alone music on hold "box" but its expensive from what Ive seen.

    Dependign on your budget you could do a multi zone music system with keypads. I thnk PE has some of them in the home audio section. Channel Plus or channel vision make a decent system.

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    Default Re: Office Sound System

    I would think a separate source for the retail side would be necessary. I can imagine someone getting funky in the back with a playlist containig "unappropriate" content? I know some of the stuff I play in my workshop, I would never want to expose any of my clients to.

    At the risk of getting flamed, this is a pretty simple system requirement and could even be handled by a home receiver with an amplified second zone. Use zone 1 for the workshop and patio, and zone 2 for the retail side. This allows you to choose a source and adjust the volume on the retail side with the receiver eliminating the need for a separate volume control there. You'll need a volume control each for the workshop and patio areas, these http://www.parts-express.com/pe/show...number=300-552 work well, and with the impedance matching you can easily hook up both workshop and patio zones to the main on the receiver. They also make a "weatherproof" one in case you will be needing to adjust volume from outside.

    For speakers, does the space have a suspended ceiling? If so, I'd go with in ceiling speakers for the retail side. On the patio, you'll want something made for wet locations. Even if the speakers will be under cover, they will still be exposed to great temparature and humidity changes, and should be made to withstand those. Now, for the workshop, I'd recommend going with a pair of old school home speakers. Something like a big 3 way with a big woofer and good efficiency would be my choice. This is the area where you'll want the capability to really crank it up and get some good sound, and since this is a workshop area, I imagine a couple of big speakers hung on the wall shouldn't be a problem. I use a pair of old Cerwin Vega's with 15" woofers. For the shop, with about 80 watts, they're fantastic. That, or a pair of PA speakers would do well also.

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    Apr 2010

    Default Re: Office Sound System

    Several years ago I set up some homes with Russound ABUS systems and Xantrec systems. With touch panels and multiple zone/source controls you can do alot in almost any locations. Look into all your options, since this is your "Task" do your homework first and foremost. It will reflect on You.

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