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Entertain the Idea of Perfect Summer Sound


  • Entertain the Idea of Perfect Summer Sound

    DAYTON, OH (July 29, 2019) – The Dayton Audio IO65XT Indoor/Outdoor Speakers are suitable for use in both commercial and consumer applications with 70/100V taps as well as an 8-ohm bypass. The flexible nature of the speakers is perfect for patios, pools, gardens, porches, offices, bars, and hotels.

    The IO65XT challenges the notion that outdoor speakers lack in low-end response. Without sacrificing durability, the IO65XT is able to produce extended bass by using a passive radiator. The passive radiator design allows the speaker to provide a surprisingly deep, tight bass response while keeping the enclosure small. The superb bass and natural, smooth high-end create an enjoyable listening experience no matter where installed, indoors and out.

    Flaunting an IP65 ABS enclosure (available in both black and white), the IO65XT is perfect for outdoor use. The water-resistant build allows for the speaker to be used in outdoor applications, even in unfavorable environmental conditions. Rugged and durable build quality ensures a long life for years of enjoying great sounding audio.

    Included brackets allow for the speaker to be mounted either vertically or horizontally with the ability to pivot making installation simple and quick. Since the speakers are easy to install and a breeze to position, the IO65XT saves both installation time and money allowing for adherence even to the tightest budget.

    Complete your outdoor setup by adding some additional bass with the Dayton Audio IOSUB 10" Indoor/Outdoor Subwoofer. The IOSUB utilizes a robust high excursion polypropylene woofer with stitched rubber surround to produce a powerful yet accurate low-end to your outdoor audio system. Enclosed in a compact, easy to hide weather-resistant enclosure, the sub is the perfect choice for adding bass to patios, pools, gardens, and landscaped areas.

    With a robust 10" high excursion woofer, the IOSUB provides an added low-end dimension to your audio system. In combination with exclusive tuning by Dayton Audio, the woofer produces low-end down to 50 Hz with 300 watts of power. Even in a compact enclosure, the sub delivers powerful, tight, and deep bass while remaining visually unobtrusive.

    Built to withstand Mother Nature the IOSUB will perform reliably year after year. The IP66 rated enclosure protects the sub from unfavorable environmental conditions thus providing flexibility for installation locations. Featuring a rugged, durable construction the sub is perfect for adding bass to outdoor areas such as pools, patios, gardens, and landscaped areas.

    The compact footprint of the sub makes it easy to keep out of view. Dayton Audio's unobtrusive design allows you to install the under decks or behind bushes. Since the sub fires downward and is omnidirectional, its placement is less critical than full-range speakers. Sitting on four legs, the sub is extremely stable. The sub also features an anti-theft built-in eyebolt for a secure, permanent install.

    Also available is the Dayton Audio IOSUB2 10" Indoor/Outdoor Subwoofer that has all of the same great features of the IOSUB, but also includes satellite outputs.

    Make Dayton Audio the choice for your next install and take the famous Dayton Audio quality outdoors with you!

    About Dayton Audio

    For more than 20 years, Dayton Audio has been a leading supplier for audio and video, combining real-world design with high-tech manufacturing techniques to offer some of the finest consumer electronic products today. Every Dayton Audio product is designed and engineered in the USA to provide the highest level of performance and value, backed by industry-leading warranties and support. Dayton Audio products can be purchased through authorized resellers including Parts Express ( Visit us online at

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