Little update. I think they sound awesome. I think I have too much stuffing in the area behind the woofers as.I used the entire pound in each speaker and have been searching a bunch for.amount used looks like maybe u should be half that. I'm gonna break them in real good.first and the .start to play with the amount. They are Sooo clear though. I couldn't be happier with them , especially the fact I built them from scratch.

I do intend on putting down am area rug in front of the couch when we get some.extra scratch.

As far as hardening the screw holes. I experimented with wood.glue and my PE screws on scrap mdf. I let the glue harden for about an hour and the screw would come out no.problem but I decided to forego doing the actual ones like that at this time as believe it's unnecessary.

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After I initially set a screw into mdf or softwood (e.g., white pine), I back it out and fill the hole with wood glue and replace the screw. When dry (and hard), the glue is like a nut on the screw threads and it reinforces the surrounding material. The screw can easily be backed out in the future as wood glue won't adhere to the metal screw (unlike other glues like expoxy).
If you're going to do this, make sure you use something better than bog-standard zinc screws- they WILL stick pretty well to wood glue. Nickel, SS, black oxide, waxed, all should be fine. If you work quickly, you can do the same trick with cyanoacrylate (super glue) but you have to zip the screw in and immediately back it out. Use a couple different screws as you go around doing all the holes, as they'll heat up and the glue can stick (or just use the woodglue as above)[/QUOTE]