Section Bnot think about Parallel Xovers and how they are modeled. Series Xovers represent a different form of thinking, and the design process is quite different.

A brief primer:

In a Parallel Xover, you increase resistance and therefore the impedance minimize resistance where problems lie. This is because everything is in series in a Series Xover, and aroundis how you fix stuff. Generally speaking, smoother drivers are used in Series filters to avoid having to fix stuff, as more series reactance in the circuit is generally frowned upon. This also means that lower DCR coils can have a big favorable quality in this topology. Tweeters used should be taken well care of, as Series xovers are typically harder on tweeters as a whole with less overall protection. As a general rule relating to this fact, I have not employed a planar or ribbon tweeter in any form of series xover to avoid a fatality. A lot of users of this type either exemplify the or the tanked BW3 acoustic xover, and very good phase alignment.

Referencing an older article from Andy G or Clayton Oxendine, you will read that deciphering the Series Xover schematic is like traveling the path of least resistance for any frequency you want to try. Highs go through caps of large enough value and tweeters, while lows pass through the minimal coil value and woofers. If you can trace and visualize what the frequencies do, you will see what the circuit is doing to the frequency response.

Oh- and one last thing before we move on; If you change ONE part in the circuit, the responses of BOTHgenerallyhalve the circuit very
I tried to model a series crossover the other day for the speakers I had recently done a parallel with success and decided that you have to start with 1 component, make it flat-ish, add another, stare at the transfer functions, eventually get it flat (but not enough), add another component to each driver, stare again, fubar the whole thing and quit. haha.
Joking aside- they are not easy the first time, just like gw found out.

I still hope you give them a try!