Apparently there has been some misgivings about something I stated about having some caps 'on loan' from a manufacturer. This was more of a trial time to see if I liked them before purchase, and I was allowed to do so. FWIW- I now am the owner of the caps that were on trial basis to me....

To appease those that apparently think I'm now a shrew for capacitor manufacturers:

"*** Plastic Capacitors LQ I'm listening to right now are really nice. more detail than I've heard from much else, and content that is not of the recorded music pieces of songs (ie- between the notes) is very well damped and not artificial; these stomp the Uber-Jantzens. Jantzen Silvers or Superiors are very nice, even though they are pricey- Very open and detailed.:" 01-20-2013, 02:26 AM

"***these are currently on loan." 01-20-2013, 05:15 AM

You should have disclosed the relationship BEFORE opining about the alleged "sound" of whatever those stupid baubles are. Not in the next sentence, let alone a couple hours later. Any alleged hobbyist discussing a part for that hobby that one did not purchase on the open market at a publicly available price should disclose that the conditions under which one acquired such part ahead of time. Basic human decency

The reason they were 'on loan' is they were working on making up a reduced rate to buy out their current non-moving stock on the line I was listening to. I was intending to buy them if I liked them, awaiting a cost from vendor, so it was more of a 'trial time' than 'on loan'. This is a hobby, and I do this for fun. I am not a shrew for manufacturers, nor am I affiliated with them.