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Easy question: How many speakers can I add?

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  • Easy question: How many speakers can I add?

    This is all in the attached drawing.

    I have an existing Sonamp 260 MKII which powers 4 pair of Dayton Audio CS620C 6-1/2" 2-Way Ceiling Speakers. Each pair is controlled by Wired Home CSVC50 Impedance Matching Rotary Speaker Volume Control 50W via a Buffalo VC-J8 Audio Distribution Junction Box.

    My business is expanding, and I want to add 3-4 more pair.

    How many can I add before I overmatch my amp? Short of smoke and catastrophic failure, how will I know if I'm pushing the limits of what the amp can do?

    I can install the wiring and the speakers, but my electrical knowledge does not extend beyond inserting wire "A" into Post "B", so if there's a solution involving multiple amplifiers, please provide a link to a video or I'll just ask later.

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    Re: Easy question: How many speakers can I add?

    The posted detail:
    Buffalo Electronics VC-J8 Audio Structured Wiring Box - Connects 1 Amplifier to 8 VCs.
    So you should be OK
    Check w Buffalo to be sure
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      Re: Easy question: How many speakers can I add?

      Thanks. I'm also wondering if a Sonance MKII is powerful enough to provide ambient music to 8 pairs of speakers.... Any thoughts?