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  • Woofers Wanted

    Woofers Wanted!
    I had ordered a set of the 10 dollar buyout woofers, part # 299-2222 Unfortunately, P.E. didn't have enough to fill my order. They were placed on back order, but of course, there will be no more.
    I found some on the auction site being re-sold at jacked up prices. I'm not paying that..
    So, if anyone has a set to spare at a "reasonable" price, please let me know!
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    How many do you need. I have about 30 NOS 5-1/4" woofers that I won't be using. Can make you a STELLAR deal on the whole lot. Fs is a bit higher, but if you are using the as a line array with a subwoofer, they will work great. 4 ohm. Cast alum frame. Shielded.

    SPL=91.3 1w/1m
    Fs = 102 Hz
    Qts = .53
    Qes = .67
    Qms = 2.6
    Le = .19 mH
    Mms = 5.9 grams
    Vas = .19 cu ft


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      They have 10 of these in stock right now!

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        Originally posted by thekorvers View Post
        They have 10 of these in stock right now!
        Thank~You for letting me know!! Loading up the cart!!


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          I have the pair your looking for.
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