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2 Killer Kits for Sale

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  • 2 Killer Kits for Sale

    My new place doesn't accommodate either of my favorite speakers and I am going to have to move to bookshelf sized separates. I have for sale:

    1. Solstice Kit with Mundorf Supreme Caps in the crossover. SOLD

    2. Zaph Audio ZRT 2.5s. - These also have Mundoft Supreme Caps as well as Goertz Foil inductors. The Mid-Bass fell victim to a child's finger poke on a couple of the dust caps. They popped right back out for the most part. One has a little dent that I haven't been able to get out. That said, I'd been gentle, so maybe a little more force would do the trick. Either way they sound great and produce some very authoritative rich sound. Made sure you have plenty of power. With Tax this kit alone was just shy of 2k. The cabinets were professionally constructed by Lee Taylor and weigh a metric ton.. They have a couple of little nicks in them, but nothing major. The cabs were about 1k to construct.

    I'm willing to sell with the cabinets for local pick up. Shipping would require a pallet and some expensive boxing. If you;re willing to cover that, then I'd do it.

    $1k plus shipping for the bare kit, $1200 for kit and cabs.

    Let me know if you have some interest. I might be open to trades. I am in North Orange County, CA.

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    PM Sent re Solstice kit


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      If dkalsi doesn't want the solstice I would be interested


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        Solstice kit was sold.


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          Interested. Can you show some close ups of the damaged dust caps? Will look into a uShip option and get back to you.


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            Received the solstice kit. Great communication from the seller.


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              Sorry for the long delay. Work has had me traveling. Here are some closeups Baco.