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Cash and carry, twin cities area, 5 HT speakers and 2 stereo pair

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  • Cash and carry, twin cities area, 5 HT speakers and 2 stereo pair

    I'm getting rid of this cheap. Cash, pickup only. 2 schumakubins, 1 Zaph BAMTM, 2 Zaph Minis. $300.

    Pair of Curt Campbell Singularities, 8" Dayton full range MLTL. $100

    Pair of Jed Kunz design Madisound Reference Recession Busters. $400. Scan Speak woofers, SB tweets. Best speakers I have built.


    Again, cash, pickup only. Hear it all before you buy.

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    I know DIY speakers are essentially worthless, unless there's some really nice woodwork involved. The Schumakubins and Singularities are going to goodwill this week . If anyone is interested in 8 Dayton DA175s, 2 Seas 27TBFC/Gs, and 2 Dayton PS220s, cheap, let me know right away and I'll gut them.

    The BAMTM stays until I make another center channel to match my S2000s or Sopranos.

    The RRBs are still for sale, I don;t really need to get rid of those, I just never listen to them.

    Zaph minis were only for sale if someone wanted a matching HT set.

    I can ship the drivers.


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      Hi djg,
      Just saw your post. Sending a PM.
      My Builds - Vigor (Nola Brio Knockoff) - Overnight Sensations w/ Voxel - Speedsters in surplus boxes - Zaph B3N's in bamboo - Classix II in BR-1 cabinets - Dual TPA3116 D2 amp in an old music box - Mariposas


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        All gone save the Madisound RRBs.


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          Do you have any drivers left? Please email Me [email protected]


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            All that remains is the pair in the second picture.


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              Price reduced on RRBs. See new ad.


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                Everything is sold.