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FS: Four MCM Audio Select 6.5" Die Cast Kevlar/Paper Woofers

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  • FS: Four MCM Audio Select 6.5" Die Cast Kevlar/Paper Woofers

    Hi Gents and Ladies,

    Really appreciative all that everyone on this forum has shared over the years - I haven't actively contributed much, being a newcomer, but I have benefited greatly from this community. Thanks.

    I'm selling 4 woofers I picked up last year for a project I just probably won't be getting to. Just had our fourth kid earlier this year, and between family, work, and community involvement, I can't find the time to build. Maybe in a few years. $30 a piece, free shipping from Idaho to continental US.

    These are really nice, high value woofers from the late MCM Electronics, now owned by Newark Electronics. MCM Audio Select Product number 55-5665, "6.5 in Die Cast Woofer 8 ohm Rubber Surround", product info sheet linked below. Really nice, open die-cast frames, nice vented spiders and pole pieces, nice rubber surrounds, and a Kevlar/paper cone that I hoped would provide some nice sound and design flexibility. I bought 4 hoping to make a couple of nice TWW towers, but maybe another time.

    These are all new, in-box. Have never been mounted. I did run some T/S measurements using the Dayton DATS system on one of them, but other than that they've just been sitting in the boxes they were shipped in.

    From the manufacturer:
    "The KB series is a unique design by MCM Audio Select that features a Kevlar-Paper Blend cone, a well-vented, die-cast frame, and copper integrated into the motor structure. We designed this series to compete with woofers that have nearly double the price tag; we exceeded our expectations. Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself and see what all of the excitement is about."

    Thanks for looking!

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    Any trades


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      Thanks for offering carlthess40 - but I can't really build anything at the moment, so not really interested in exchanging parts for parts. But thanks for asking!


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        Good luck with sale.
        Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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          Great drivers!
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              Are these available?