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NHT Xds Monitors (2x Classic black, 1x burgundy/maple)

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  • NHT Xds Monitors (2x Classic black, 1x burgundy/maple)

    Selling a set of the NHT Xds monitors that I got in the big NHT liquidation sale a few years back. I actually have 3 - two in the gorgeous black/brown finish, plus a 3rd/spare in the more common maple/burgundy finish. You can use it as a 3rd for LCR, or just keep it as a backup to protect against driver damage. Cosmetics on all units is very good, and IMHO the black/brown with the grey/black Seas Excel drivers is absolutely beautiful - way beyond what any but the most talented DIYers could pull off.

    All you need to know about the basic units including measurements is still online at Zaphs site :

    The 2 black/brown have a passive xover from Rick Craig at Selah Audio, while the maple/burgundy has the Zaph xover. Obviously running these active is best, but the passive xovers let you get running quickly while you get the active/DSP going. Rick doesn't disclose the details of his xovers, but visual inspection seems to indicate that the topology is basically the same as the Zaph (at least from what I can tell)

    Not really sure how to price these since they're somewhat unique. I'll start with an asking price of $500 for the full setup, plus shipping (CONUS only, from 80138). I have the original boxes for the 2 black/brown, but not for the other one. figure 2 large-ish boxes so shipping will run a bit.

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi DWK123 - I have a NHT XD set up. Are these still available and do you have the matching stands or just the monitors themselves? I know you mentioned passive crossovers but can they still be used with the XDA? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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      Wow - didn't expect a revival of this.

      I do actually still have these, and was (very slowly) getting around to re-starting to see whether there is any interest. I don't have the stands, unfortunately - they didn't make it through a move a while back since they hadn't been used. The speakers themselves are unaltered, and so can still be used in a normal Xd system. The only problem is that on the cables I replaced the 4-banana connector on the amp end with a 4-pole Speakon connector which was more convenient to use in my passive xover setup.

      I'm going to be out on vacation until Monday, but if you're interested we can talk when I get back.


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        Sure thing - just post here when you return


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          No matter where you go, there you are.


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            @mccody, I sent you a PM to continue discussion


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              did these sell?


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                Still available. @mccody never followed up on his initial interest.


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                    Hello, are these still available? Only need the maple one.