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FS Dayton SPA500DSP Sub Amp with DSP

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  • FS Dayton SPA500DSP Sub Amp with DSP

    SOLD! I purchased this in July and only used it for 3 months (used in a garage system). There is not a mark on it, looks and works like new! The DSP is awesome, you just connect to PC and you can adjust on the fly. I have decided to go in a different direction (multiple subs, multiple drivers) so I am selling this.

    $200 shipped in US

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    Would you do any trades? I have a high end sub speaker cable that’s 48feet long that cost 1175 from MIT. And they say they can cut it up to any size for $100 with the impedance box installed on each cable with any ends you like


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      I appreciate the offer but I am really only looking to sell, I'm in the process of buying/building garage system with multiple subs/drivers/amps so that's the reason for the sale really. I know this got so-so reviews but it actually works very well, the dsp is amazing - I wish more sub companies would integrate this into their subs eliminating the need for another separate box in the chain if you want to tailor it to your system. I would go down to $175 shipped in US to sweeten the deal but it really is like new!


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        I’m trying to buy a house so money is a problem for me to buy audio gear, that’s why I asked about trades
        i do have other items if you need something else


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          Is this still available? Also, can the subsonic filter be defeated? I don't need it to roll off till air 10hz where mini-dsp will handle it.


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