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Looking for custom paint job for Overnight Sensation Piano Gloss White

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  • Looking for custom paint job for Overnight Sensation Piano Gloss White

    Hi, I'm looking to pay someone to paint a pair of bare, but assembled Overnight Sensation's. I'm looking for a white, piano gloss finish. The cabinets are assembled with the crossovers already glued inside, however the speakers, port tube, and speaker terminals are not installed.

    I live in Orange County, CA and could ship them nationwide.

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    I would normally be able to get this done for you, but given what's going around, it wouldn't be until end of April at the earliest.


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      What’s your budget for this? I’m in Florida and have done any of car great paint jobs on a lot of my speakers Also there’s over 100 white color codes Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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        Just a Home Depot in the paint dept. there is a spray can section that’s in a locked cage and in there is epoxy spray paint that is used on appliances. If you spray a primer coat first and follow with the epoxy paint I think that might fit your need. They’ll look great and will be pretty durable. Just a thought


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          White lacquer would also work for this job. You would want to sand the ever living crap out of the cabinets, lay down bondo on any imperfections and do it again, then you could spray white lacquer until you get the desired finish. This stuff smells horrible, but it dries pretty quickly and isn't all that expensive. Just be sure the can says "lacquer" on it but doesn't say polyurethane, acrylic, water based, etc. In Orange County you may need to mail order these.