COVID garage clean-out. I have some extra cheapo drivers that someone may use. They are free - just pay postage or pick them us (I am south of Boston). I have:

3 Delco tweeters (PN 269-702). These measure shockingly flat when the phase shield is cut off. I used them along with a 4" mid in an el-cheapo 3 way build for one of my kids and I was kinda surprised at their performance.

2 Onkyo 6 x 9" poly cone woofers (PN 269-815). Also used a pair of these in the aforementioned el-cheapo 3 way build. Not a bass monster, but better than I expected for the pittance I paid for them.

Anyway, free to whoever wants them. Just pay shipping of pick them up. Otherwise they go to land-fill :-(