Leaf Tweeter 40-1375 by Realistic, 40-1375 8 Ohm 30 Watt (x5) - Vintage - WOW!

I've got 5 of these babies!
These are from the early 1980s and it's amazing I've held onto them this long!

Selling for $21.95 each (buyer pays actual shipping). Purchase can be made via paypal to my email address, [email protected]

All tweeters are meter tested and functioning. Before shipping I will test again. All units read out with similar DC resistance around what's shown in the photo with meter, cannot post any more than 5 photos here.

I used 2 of these throughout the '80s in a pro speaker/PA system I built and used at countless weddings all over Chicago and Suburbs. I had 10 total, but somehow lost 2 of them. I used 8 of them to top off my home built JBL Perkins cabinets (4560s) in my big sound system. These tweeters convey the very high brilliance frequencies (8KHz - 13KHz) very well. I really loved them, but no longer have a use, they're just taking up space in my workshop. These are the real deal; big, meaty, ferrite magnates, no slouchy peizo crap! I don't have the specs sheet, but pretty sure they handle 30-40 watts RMS

Really sad to part ways with them, but I'm sure they will find a happy home in a custom built cabinet with some vintage collector/ speaker builder.

Will not ship outside the main 48 United States

I have more pro audio gear, see my other listings!

Thanks for looking!
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