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FS: (3) Wharfedale D-1234 Woven Kevlar Cone 6.5" Woofers Like New Evo Series

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  • FS: (3) Wharfedale D-1234 Woven Kevlar Cone 6.5" Woofers Like New Evo Series

    Long story, but I blew the four woofers in my Wharfedale Evo 4.4 speakers. Wharfedale agreed to ship me new ones if I covered shipping from the UK, but upon receiving them three of the woofers were not the correct part number: I received three of the D-1234 woofers from the Evo 4.2 instead of the D-1229 I needed. Finally got it all straightened out with the correct woofers, but Wharfedale says they don't need these back. Not looking to make a killing on these, just want to recoup my shipping costs.

    Here's what I know: they are 6.5" woven Kevlar cones with a metallic phase plug. I don't know any of the T/S parameters for them. Not sure if these are in-house designed Wharfedale drivers, or are sourced from someone else. As I said, they are designed for use in the Evo 4.2, which is what I'd call a "largish" ported bookshelf speaker ( 9.75"x 18" x 15" ), if that gives you an idea on rough cabinet volume.

    I mounted these to be sure they worked, and then immediately removed them. They have literally less than two minutes play time on them.

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      Two sold, one left!


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        So flash forward almost two years to the day: I blew another two woofers (I know, I know), and the exact same situation happened: Wharfedale sent me the wrong woofers. I got two D-1234 when what I needed was D-1229. So I once again have (3) total D-1234 6.5" Woven Kevlar cone woofers (one left over from last time, and the two new ones I got today).

        Looking for $50/ea shipped, or since I'd assume most people would be interested in a pair, $90 for a pair shipped in the US. These are $107/ea from Wharfedale, plus shipping.